Bicycle Injury Attorneys in Northern Colorado

Injuries arising from an accident while you are riding your bicycle are becoming all too common in Colorado. Accidents resulting from the negligence of an inattentive or careless motorist, a malfunction in one or more parts of the bicycle, a design or manufacturing defect in the bicycle are all potentially viable claims.
The process of evaluating the merits of a bicycle injury claim and all of the related insurance issues can sometimes be overwhelming. Consultation with an attorney who has extensive experience in bicycle accident cases is an extremely important component of your case. The goal of our experienced team at VanMeveren Law Group is to help alleviate the stress associated with a claim so you can focus on getting well. We make it a priority to provide very personal attention to your case and maximize recovery of all that was lost in the accident, including compensation for injuries, payment of medical bills and recovery of lost earnings.
Injuries sustained in a bike accident are often quite severe, involving brain trauma, spinal cord injury, dislocations and broken bones. Sadly, bicycle accidents can sometimes lead to wrongful death. In the face of all this, you need the services of a law firm that will help you obtain the maximum compensation for all of your claims. A lawyer who has advanced knowledge in cases involving bike accident injury claims is critical to a successful outcome.
In our law firm, Bryan VanMeveren is an experienced cyclist and 7 time Ironman triathlete. As an avid cyclist, he has personally been the victim of road rage and aggressive driving. As a former ski patrolman, he also has vast knowledge of traumatic injuries. His experience provides creative, diverse and far reaching skills that are sure to help you if you are a bike accident victim.
When it comes to the tactics employed by some insurers and their lawyers aimed at denying you compensation for your claims, we have experienced attorneys who are well versed in all tactics used by the defense to frustrate your efforts towards obtaining fair compensation. When it comes to offering clients the best in terms of effective and attentive counsel, VanMeveren Law Group is rated among the highest in Northern Colorado.
Whether the cause of your accident is as a result of a defective part on your bike, carelessness on the part of one or more road users or any other cause, our law firm will provide effective representation. Our lawyers and legal team are highly knowledgeable when it comes to cycling and how bicycle accident claims are handled.
When you sustain injuries from a bicycle accident, you may not have the knowledge or experience of how or where to begin. Evaluating every aspect of your claim, including the potential for recovery, especially in cases where the defaulter in the accident does not have an adequate insurance policy, the anticipated outcome, a detailed assessment of your injuries and recovering payment for your medical bills are all services we provide. Our highly skilled legal team is sure to help you by putting their bicycle accident knowledge and experience to good use, analyzing every available option to obtain the maximum compensation for your bicycle accident claim.
Potential clients can always contact our office atvanmeverenlaw.com for a free initial consultation or call our toll free line at 1-866-649-6775.

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