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VanMeveren Law Group is committed to the principle that all individuals, regardless of their means, should have fair and equal access to the legal system. Our team at VanMeveren Law Group dedicates at least 100 hours annually to pro bono cases, primarily in our areas of expertise - personal injury, wrongful death, and insurance law. We have also successfully represented individuals in bankruptcy, custody and divorce matters. In pro bono cases, no fee is charged to the client, but each case receives the same focused and earnest attention we give to all our clients.Our primary motivation in accepting pro bono cases is to obtain a fair and just outcome that could not be reached by clients representing themselves. In some cases, a client has every moral and legal right to compensation, but the amount that could be recovered may not be enough to cover the fees associated with hiring an attorney and litigating a matter in the courts. In these cases, we evaluate the seriousness of the harm to the victim, the egregiousness of the defendant's conduct and the client's need for justice.Sometimes, we may take a pro bono case because we believe in larger principles involved in the matter. For example, assume a victim is riding a bicycle and is hit from behind by a car. His bicycle is ruined and he has minor injuries, but no health insurance. Now, in addition to a totaled bike, he has medical bills to pay. This scenario can be financially devastating to the individual, but may not warrant paying attorney's fees and litigation costs. Now, assume that the insurance company for the driver that hit the innocent cyclist denies the claim, arguing the cyclist "should have been on the sidewalk". The larger principle in this example is that the cyclist has every right to be on the road and the insurance company is only denying the claim because they know the unfortunate individual has no means to challenge their denial. VanMeveren Law Group will see to it that insurance companies pay when there is a valid case.Bryan VanMeveren and Bill Doutt have consistently done pro bono work throughout their careers. The following are just a few examples:· We provided extensive pro bono services to a man who was struck head-on by a drunk driver who carried no insurance. We successfully resolved his underinsured motorist claim for his policy limits and obtained substantial reductions of all of his medical bills.· We represented a man who was riding his bicycle to work when he was struck from behind by a van, while riding across a bridge with no shoulder or sidewalk. He was riding on the right side of the right lane, as he had every right to do. Unbelievably, the police officer who responded to the scene cited the cyclist with careless driving. We took the case to trial and the cyclist was found not guilty.· We worked with a women's shelter to help many victims of domestic abuse obtain restraining orders against defendants who threatened physical harm.· We regularly provide pro bono services to the indigent, including case screening, evaluation and informative talks to those seeking legal advice in domestic relations matters.· We frequently provide free legal services to the Larimer County Boys and Girls Club.
In some personal injury and accident cases, a client may not know whether they need an attorney to take their case pro bono. We will help make that determination through a free consultation. Each case is handled with our sincere dedication to find justice for you.
Contact our office at vanmeverenlaw.com or call our toll free line at 1-866-649-6775.

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