10 Things to Do After a Car Accident

When the unfortunate circumstance of an auto collision occurs, it is critical to gather important information and fulfill a few responsibilities. Below are the most important steps to take following a collision. Click here for a useful form that you can keep with your insurance card. This form will help you gather the most important information at the scene of the collision.

  1. Obtain personal information from all of the other drivers involved in the accident. Write down the driver's telephone number, address and driver's license number.
  2. Obtain insurance information from all the other drivers involved in the accident. Write down the insurance company name, telephone number and insurance policy number.
  3. Obtain vehicle license plate number and vehicle identification number (VIN) for all other vehicles involved in the accident.
  4. Obtain the name, phone number and address of any eyewitness to the collision.
  5. Report the accident immediately to the police and cooperate with them in preparing an accident report. If no police are available to respond to the scene, consider contacting the local police agency to determine if you can complete a report at a later time.
  6. Photograph the vehicles involved in the accident. Take several photographs that clearly show any damage. Take photographs from different angles and all four sides of the vehicles. Consider keeping a disposable camera in your car for this purpose, although a cell phone that takes quality pictures will work too.
  7. Report the accident to your insurance company, even if you are not at fault. If your insurance policy provides medical payments coverage and you require medical treatment because of the accident, your insurance company will provide you with a claim number to give to hospitals and doctors. Additionally, you may need to make a claim under your policy's uninsured coverage (if your policy provides such coverage).
  8. Seek medical treatment without delay if you are injured or experiencing pain.
  9. Photograph your injuries.
  10. Protect your legal interests. Obtain legal advice before meeting with any insurance company representative, filling out insurance documents or giving a recorded statement or medical authorization to any insurance company (even your own). You have no obligation to provide this information before you have had the opportunity to speak with an attorney. If an insurance company representative contacts you before you are prepared to discuss your claims, politely explain that you do not wish to discuss the matter at this time, and you will contact them in the future to discuss your claims.

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