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Truck falls from overpass and explodes, 2 injured, 1 dead

One Colorado couple feels lucky to be alive after a trailer from a semi truck fell from an overpass and landed on their car. Witnesses were amazed when the couple came clamoring out of the rubble, largely unscathed. The brief relief likely dissipated when the rest of the truck fell and exploded, killing the truck driver.

Fort Collins woman killed in car crash

An elderly woman died after colliding with another vehicle on May 13 in Loveland. The 86-year-old woman from Fort Collins was driving her Oldsmobile sedan when she rear-ended a Ford SUV that was stopped at a red light on Eisenhower Boulevard and Cascade. The crash was one of the more serious car accidents in recent Loveland history. The driver of the Ford SUV was a 44-year-old man from Loveland.

Fluttering fiends contribute to Colorado car crash

A few frantically concerned Colorado drivers quickly pulled over when they spotted an SUV ablaze on the side of the road. They didn't know that the ignition took place from a rupture fuel line that was feeding gasoline to the fire. They worked quickly to remove the driver from the single-car collision.

Colorado semi accident spills 100 gallons of diesel, injures 2

One Colorado man was transported to the hospital this week due to the actions of a negligent semi-truck driver that collided with the victim's pick-up truck. Reportedly, the crash, which occurred just east of Loveland, Colorado, occurred when the semi driver neglected to stop for a stop sign.

11-year-old Fort Collins bicycle accident victim set to recover

There is nothing as freeing as the innocence of childhood where an imagination and a bike can take you out of Colorado and soaring into uncharted territory. One 11-year-old little girl from Fort Collins, Colorado, was out riding her bike this past month when she was quickly shocked back into reality from her leisurely ride when she became the victim of a bicycle accident.

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