11-year-old Fort Collins bicycle accident victim set to recover

There is nothing as freeing as the innocence of childhood where an imagination and a bike can take you out of Colorado and soaring into uncharted territory. One 11-year-old little girl from Fort Collins, Colorado, was out riding her bike this past month when she was quickly shocked back into reality from her leisurely ride when she became the victim of a bicycle accident.

The little Fort Collins girl entered the crosswalk at the intersection of Shields Street and Horsetooth Road with her bike just as the light change colors. A man driving a pickup truck collided with the vulnerable little girl. According to police, that initial impact caused the little girl to be knocked into the next lane, at which a time a separate car ran over her and dragged her some distance.

Thankfully, the little girl was wearing a helmet and responders acted quickly to bring the injured child to a Loveland hospital where her injuries were reported to be non-life-threatening. Hearing a story like this is enough to break even the toughest of hearts. No one, the least of which an innocent child, deserve such a frightening experience. The worst of it may not even be over for this child and her family.

Often, injuries resulting from bicycle accidents can be costly and recovery time can be prolonged. By pursuing a personal injury claim, this child and her family may be entitled to compensation not only to cover the cost of the likely steep medical bills, but additional pain and suffering as well. It appears that this little girl should make a strong recovery. Hopefully, this little girl will be back to her bike in no time.

Source: Coloradoan.com, "In brief: Fort Collins crash victim, 11, recovering," April 18, 2012

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