Fluttering fiends contribute to Colorado car crash

A few frantically concerned Colorado drivers quickly pulled over when they spotted an SUV ablaze on the side of the road. They didn't know that the ignition took place from a rupture fuel line that was feeding gasoline to the fire. They worked quickly to remove the driver from the single-car collision.

According to Colorado police, substance use was not believed to be the cause of this car accident. This seems incongruent, one car, no alcohol, no drugs...what happened? Well, the 18-year-old Colorado woman that was operating the vehicle at the time of the collision did, however, have an explanation: moths.

She claims that she was distracted by the movement of several moths, which caused her to veer from the road, impact a tree, rupture the fuel line and ignite her car -- quite a serious of unusual events. There was no reported figure regarding the number of fluttering offenders.

While these circumstances may seem a bit comical, this could have ended in much more severe tragedy. Often, regardless of the cause, distracted driving results in lasting consequences. Drivers cannot afford to let their attention wander, be that for the radio, a phone call or even, yes, moths.

If a victim is injured as the result of a distracted driver. They can seek recompense through the filing of a personal injury claim. Such a claim, when successful, will cover not only medical bills and time for lost wages, but compensation could also cover pain and suffering.

Source: Reuters, "Woman blames moths for fiery Colorado car crash," May 2, 2012

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