Truck falls from overpass and explodes, 2 injured, 1 dead

One Colorado couple feels lucky to be alive after a trailer from a semi truck fell from an overpass and landed on their car. Witnesses were amazed when the couple came clamoring out of the rubble, largely unscathed. The brief relief likely dissipated when the rest of the truck fell and exploded, killing the truck driver.

Emergency services personnel responded to the truck accident at about 1:30 p.m. on May 13 after witnesses reported a bizarre scene in which a truck appeared to plummet from the sky. Ambulances were contacted to assist in providing medical treatment and transporting the injured couple and deceased truck driver to local hospitals.

Authorities have not confirmed details surrounding the accident and are not releasing any victim information. The deceased person was a male but there have been no other details reported in this case. It appears that the truck was hauling two trailers when something went wrong and the first trailer violently fell.

With such minimal information, it is impossible to tell who was responsible for this Colorado car accident. There is also no way to know whether any of the drivers were impaired or if there was any blatant negligence involved. Regardless, someone perished in this car accident and that is a tragedy.

For that, there are families affected in this case who will likely want to know the details surrounding exactly what happened and who was at fault. For now, it is likely the family will remain in mourning for the tragic loss of their loved one. When negligence is assigned -- be that to another driver, the trucking company or elsewhere -- the family of the decedent could have the opportunity to pursue justice through obtaining compensation.

Source: The Denver Post, "Avon truck crash, survival of couple, described as 'surreal'," Nancy Lofholmthe, May 18, 2012

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