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Colorado Springs car accidents have claimed 16 lives this year

Colorado Springs lost an elderly couple recently due to an accident involving two vehicles. It has been reported that 16 people have died in car accidents along Colorado Springs roads this year alone. At the time of this report the circumstances that contributed to the accident that killed the aging couple on Aug. 12 remain unclear. Whether impairment was a factor is apparently yet to be determined.

Car accidents: Colorado woman killed in head on collision

Driving is a privilege, not a right. The majority of drivers in Colorado pay attention to the rules of the road and do what they can to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, there are those who, for whatever reason, ignore the rules of the road and sometimes cause car accidents as a result.

Car accidents on Colorado roadways lead to significant injuries

A one-vehicle car crash occurred recently near Wolcott, Colorado. Even though these types of car accidents involve only one vehicle, they often result in significant property damage and personal injury. The driver of a 1992 Honda sedan was heading westbound on U.S. Highway 6 in Colorado when he apparently drove off the roadway. The vehicle continued rolling down an embankment before landing upside down.

Construction zones may lead to car accidents in Colorado

Construction zones on the road can not only slow your commute, they can also increase the risk of a car accident due to obstructions on the road and cars having to suddenly come to a stop or a slow their pace. If a driver fails to stop in time, the results can be deadly, especially when multiple vehicles are involved in an accident. This is what happened in a recent crash in Colorado, when a tractor-trailer failed to stop before a line of vehicles stuck in traffic. This led to a six-vehicle crash that left two people dead, further emphasizing the devastation that these types of car accidents can cause.

Head-on car accident results in fatalities on Colorado highway

It is always an unfortunate incident when a car crash occurs. However, it is especially dangerous when a head-on collision happens. These types of crashes have a higher chance of injury and death than other, less severe car accidents. A recent Colorado accident in which a car collided head-on with a semi-truck on Highway 40 demonstrates the dangers of encountering another vehicle in this type of collision.

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