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Colorado car accident: 1 dead in 2-vehicle crash; DUI possible

Alcohol and a potentially dangerous intersection are believed to have been factors in the death of a Colorado woman recently. The 54-year-old woman who died was a passenger in a car driven by a 48-year-old woman. The driver apparently attempted to make a left-hand turn, but was hit on the passenger's side by an oncoming car. Reports indicate that this Colorado Springs intersection has a reputation for car accidents and that local legislators have been working to improve the conditions there.

Colorado car accident: 4 cars, 5 hurt in Louviers

Colorado police are investigating a car accident on a local roadway that happened recently. The multiple car accident involved four vehicles and ended in serious injuries to some of its victims. In fact, three of the crash victims were taken to the hospital for medical treatment after the incident.

Colorado car accident: 1 injured, another dead at hospital

Another fatal accident has claimed the life of a Colorado man. The details of the recent two-vehicle fatal wreck are still being gathered at the time this post is written and conditions are being examined by authorities to determine the cause of this crash. Car accidents are too often the result of a negligent driver's actions when vehicle laws are not followed responsibly.

How Colorado parents can avoid a defective product injury

Colorado parents need to be aware of certain dangers recently discovered in products designed to keep children safe, such as cribs, car seats and strollers. Manufacturers are held to strict guidelines in the U.S. as to the types of materials used for these products, weight ratings, and even chemicals used in the paint that is applied. When a child is injured or in a fatal accident involving a defective product, there are certain liabilities that fall on the manufacturer.

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