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Speeding cited as possible cause in fatal 2-car crash

In Colorado, when a person is injured by another, the victim has the legal right to seek compensation for damages and suffering. Car accidents are a significant cause of injuries due to negligence. They can happen in an instant and elements like speeding or impairment can increase the damages exponentially.

Colorado family feels the tragic cost of bicycle accidents

In a recent hit and run accident in Colorado, a woman was being held in lieu of $15,000 bail in relation to charges stemming from an accident that claimed the life of a cyclist. Bicycle accidents are typically more severe than accidents between motor vehicles, even if the cyclist is wearing a helmet. The woman is being charged with vehicular homicide and hit and run causing death.

Tainted food product may be on Colorado store shelves

The New-Mexico based company Sunland Inc. has had to recall at least 76 kinds of peanut butter recently in light of its connection with a salmonella outbreak across the United States. The tainted peanut butter was found at many Trader Joe's retail locations and covered a wide variety of peanut and almond butter products. They may have been sold in Colorado as well. The defective product has already been identified in 18 states, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention remains vigilant in searching for other possible illnesses.

3 vehicles in Colorado car accidents kill pedestrian.

Colorado investigators are evaluating a recent crash where a woman was struck by three cars. Initial reports are calling this an accident, even though the first driver who struck her is believed to have been under the influence of alcohol. No other injuries were reported from the car accidents.

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