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Colorado car accidents typically involve multiple legal issues

Shortly before Thanksgiving, two Colorado concrete workers lost their lives in a tragic motor vehicle accident. The men, ages 47 and 27, were on the job at a construction site located at the intersection of Colorado 470 and Broadway in Douglas County. Like a lot of car accidents, this one raises a number of important legal issues.

Colorado magnet toy maker still fights defective product claims

A Colorado based company, Zen Magnets, along with 12 other manufacturers of magnetic toys designed for young adults and as adult desk toys, is in the position of having to reevaluate its stand on continuing the products. Twelve of the manufacturers have ceased production in the wake of injuries and defective product claims against them. Zen Magnets, however, appears committed to carrying on the fight. This despite reports that a sizeable number of children and teenagers have suffered injuries that resemble gunshot wounds after accidentally ingesting the products.

Colorado car accidents: Charges pending after 3 vehicle wreck

Car accidents in Colorado can happen in an instant. Whether it's someone who fails to follow traffic laws or becomes distracted for only a moment, car accidents can result in injuries or even deaths. A number of people were injured in a recent accident in Loveland.

Defensive driving skills might be good for all Colorado drivers

Some Colorado residents are required to take a defensive driving course that educates drivers on correct way to negotiate certain circumstances. Often these courses are ordered if someone has been cited for a traffic violation. Considering the potential benefits, there are some who might argue that everyone should take such courses as part of their behind the wheel training.

Colorado truck vs. bicycle accidents treacherous in any scenario

We never know with certainly when our lives are about to change. Sometimes, change takes place because of our poor decisions, and other times the change is the result of someone else's poor decisions. Bicycle accidents in Colorado are a matter of public concern, and bikes have every right to share the roadways with larger, enclosed vehicles. When a collision occurs, however, it is typically the bicyclist who fares the worst, simply due to the lack of protection against a larger vehicle. A recent collision in Sedgwick County between a bicycle and a semi underscores the point.

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