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Colorado teens' lives changed in car accidents performing stunts

Colorado drivers likely know that accidents can happen very quickly, even when the best safety precautions are taken. Unfortunately, when caution is thrown to the proverbial wind, car accidents can be even more devastating and may lead to criminal and/or civil liability for any party found to be at fault. For one Colorado teenager, the future may hold one or both of those potential liabilities after an evening of stunts caused the death of one passenger and injuries to two others.

Colorado security guard injured, example of unusual car accidents

One Colorado teenager is learning a hard lesson after what was meant to be a joyride turned into an injurious accident and criminal charges. According to reports, two teenage boys were involved in a crash with a Colorado College security guard, who was riding in a golf cart. The collision caused non-life-threatening injuries to the security guard. Car accidents like this one demonstrate how widely varied the causes for accidents really are.

Colorado spinal cord injuries: Soldiers to compete in sports

Spinal cord injuries can be among the most traumatic events that a person can suffer in a car accident, or when serving the country as a soldier. One training program which is a joint effort between the Department of Defense and the U.S. Olympic Committee Paralympic Military & Veterans Program provides wounded soldiers who have suffered from maladies such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, lost limbs or conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder the opportunity to compete in competitive sports competitions. The events that the veterans will compete in at the 2013 Warrior Games being held in Colorado Springs are geared specifically toward those with disabilities.

Colorado manufacturer recalls dangerous product lines

Colorado consumers may need to be aware of the food and snacks that they are serving their pet because contamination may cause them illness. According to a recent report, Colorado-based Kasel Associated Industries is recalling several lines of products due to potential salmonella contamination. Kasel is recalling all products that were manufactured between April and Sept. 2012. The list of potentially dangerous product includes BIXBI, Colorado Naturals and Petco. Others on the list include Nature's Deli, Best Bully Stick and Boots & Barkley products.

Colorado bicycle accidents: CDOT, others sued after bike crash

In early Aug. 2012, a bicyclist riding alone in the Roaring Fork Valley fell on Highway 82 and broke his hand. The avid cyclist is retired and was visiting Colorado on vacation at the time. When unexpected and unmarked road conditions exist, bicycle accidents can result in serious injury. In this instance, the injured cyclist has filed a personal injury lawsuit making that claim.

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