Colorado security guard injured, example of unusual car accidents

One Colorado teenager is learning a hard lesson after what was meant to be a joyride turned into an injurious accident and criminal charges. According to reports, two teenage boys were involved in a crash with a Colorado College security guard, who was riding in a golf cart. The collision caused non-life-threatening injuries to the security guard. Car accidents like this one demonstrate how widely varied the causes for accidents really are.

The two teenage boys in the car, one 14 years old, the other 12 years old, reportedly were on a joyride in a stolen vehicle when police located their movements via OnStar. When police attempted to stop the vehicle, the teenagers fled, leading to the collision with the security guard. After abandoning the accident scene and then the vehicle, the teenagers were finally apprehended by police.

The extent of the injuries that the security guard sustained was not disclosed, though updated reports indicate that he is expected to make a full recovery. The 14-year-old is being charged in connection to the accident with stealing the vehicle and eluding police. So far, the 12-year-old has not been charged. In addition, it is unclear whether any other parties will be held accountable for this incident.

Car accidents like this one prove that there can be very unusual circumstances surrounding an accident or injuries, including criminal behavior. The negligent actions of any individual can have devastating consequences on those around them. For this reason, Colorado has personal injury laws in place to protect the victims in this type of situation. Under these laws, anyone injured in an accident due to the negligence of any other party, may be able to seek damages for their injuries and loss. In some cases, the presence of criminal activity may further a victims claims that negligence or recklessness was, in fact, a component in their injuries.

Source: kktv.com, "One Teen Charged After Stealing Car, Crashing Into Colorado College Guard," March 11, 2013

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