Young, unlicensed drivers cause car accidents in Colorado

Although driving laws for teenagers vary by state, there is a general consensus in all areas of the country. The early teenage years are too young to drive because these drivers are likely to be involved in car accidents. This idea has been further supported by a car accident in Colorado. Five teenagers were treated at area hospitals after they were injured in a single-car accident.

Police officers responded to calls regarding the accident one evening in late March. According to reports, an unlicensed 15-year-old female had been driving the vehicle before the accident. The driver was attempting to make a left turn when it swerved, over-corrected, and left the road. It climbed a steep hill before rolling and striking a tree.

While all five occupants were taken to local hospitals, two were treated and released. Three of the teenagers reportedly suffered severe, life-altering injuries. While the investigation continues, the driver of the vehicle could face several criminal charges, including vehicular assault and several charges related to underage, unlicensed driving.

As even experienced drivers are killed hourly in car accidents, it is perhaps miraculous no one was killed in this accident. While the accident investigation focuses on what occurred and who may be responsible, the families of the three severely injured teenagers will necessarily confront how the medical bills will be paid. The parents of the injured teens will most likely consider their need to have their case heard in a Colorado civil court if the evidence supports a claim that their child was negligently injured through the fault of another party in the collision. The victims in the case will certainly face a long and expensive road to emotional and physical recovery.

Source: The Trinidad Times, "Teen car accident leaves three in hospital; Several factors led to crash," Steve Block, April 2, 2013

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