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Frozen fruit may be a dangerous product for Colorado residents

Costco and Harris Teeter have had to issue a recall of one of its frozen fruit products due to health concerns. The berry-blend has been flagged as a dangerous product due to one of its ingredients. Colorado residents that may have purchased the product at either store may need to know the following information.

Colorado car accidents: Scooter driver airlifted to hospital

The Colorado State Patrol is investigating an accident involving a car and a scooter that occurred on Colo. 66 near Lyons. As often happens in many car accidents, the scooter as trying to make a left hand turn when the crash happened. Unfortunately, for some reason, the vehicle behind the scooter failed to stop.

Teavana recalls tea tumblers for being a defective product

Federal regulations require any company selling products in the United States to report any report that a product is dangerous or defective to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. As the company receives complaints regarding a particular potentially defective product, it will make the determination of whether a product recall is should occur. After some 300 complaints, it was determined that a recall of the tea tumblers distributed by Teavana was appropriate.

Car accidents cause Colorado DOT to review construction zone

A crash that ended with a semi and a car in flames has become the second fatal accident in only six weeks on a certain stretch of Interstate 70 that is under construction. As a result of these fatal car accidents, the Colorado Department of Transportation is taking a second look at the construction zone. The construction zone in question is a five mile stretch of Interstate 70 on Glenwood Canyon's east end.

Subaru has issued another recall due to a defective product

Subaru hasn't had much luck lately with its vehicles. May 15 marked the beginning of a third recall for the car manufacturer within a two month period. Each vehicle recall had to do with a different defective product. There may be several vehicle owners in Colorado that need to know that the latest recall is for the 2013 Subaru Outback sedan and the 2013 Legacy.

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