Project Walk may help those in Colorado with spinal cord injuries

There may or may not be many people in Colorado who have heard of Project Walk. For those who have suffered spinal cord injuries, it could be a place to go to strengthen what muscles are working. That's what one patient who was an athlete before her injury is doing now.

After the former cheerleading coach shattered her C-5 vertebrae in an accident at a cheerleading camp, she did what was expected of her. She went to the six weeks of physical therapy that her insurance would pay for and then focused on her education as everyone expected her to do since she was told she would never walk again. For this woman, that just wasn't good enough.

She discovered Project Walk and relocated in order to be close to a facility. The facility provides an exercise-based recovery program. People may not leave walking, but they do leave stronger -- both physically and mentally. Many of the clients want to make sure that what will work on their bodies is in top shape should it ever be possible for them to walk again. Of course, the program is expensive, and many clients hold fundraisers to pay for their therapy.

She also notes, however, that life is already expensive for people with spinal cord injuries. When insurance runs out, there isn't often anywhere for patients to turn. That's one reason why it can be so crucial for people in Colorado who are injured at the hands of someone else to file personal injury claims. Judgments can include monetary awards that cover any future treatment along with other amounts. Having access to new and different physical therapies could mean the difference between getting back to enjoying life and simply existing.

Source: The Coast News, "Project Walk making strides in helping those with spinal cord injuries," Rachel Stine, July 5, 2013

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