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Colorado car crash caused by sleeping driver?

There are several factors that contribute to car accidents, such as speed, alcohol and distracted driving. There is one other factor that caused a recent car crash on U.S. 85 in Colorado -- the driver reportedly fell asleep while he was driving. Three of the five occupants from the vehicles were killed, and the other two were injured.

Colorado car accidents: Bus and 2 vehicles collide in tunnel

An accident near Golden took the life of one woman and injured many others. Unfortunately, many Colorado multiple-car accidents end with the loss of life and people being sent to the hospital. In this case, the vehicles involved were a bus and two passenger vehicles.

Fatal car accidents in Colorado often involve speed or alcohol

Despite the best efforts of the police and special interest groups, drivers in Colorado still driver over the speed limit or drive after drinking. This can often result in fatal car accidents. An accident that recently took place in Colorado Springs may have been caused by both speed and alcohol.

Colorado car accidents: 15-year-old killed in hit-and-run

The Colorado State Police are investigating a hit-and-run in the Denver suburb of Lakewood that took the life of a 15-year-old boy. The accident occurred on the night of July 20. Fatal hit-and-run car accidents are some of the most difficult to investigate since there is almost always a family pushing police to find answers about the death of their loved one.

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