Colorado car accidents: Bus and 2 vehicles collide in tunnel

An accident near Golden took the life of one woman and injured many others. Unfortunately, many Colorado multiple-car accidents end with the loss of life and people being sent to the hospital. In this case, the vehicles involved were a bus and two passenger vehicles.

All three vehicles were traveling on Colorado Highway 6. The two passenger vehicles, an SUV and a sedan, were heading eastbound, while the tour bus was traveling in the westbound direction. The SUV was somewhere ahead of the sedan when it crossed over into the westbound lanes for some unknown reason where it slammed into the tour bus.

The Colorado State Patrol's investigation has thus far determined that when the SUV and tour bus collided, the SUV was thrown back into the lanes on the eastbound side and struck the sedan. In the meantime, the tour bus bounced off of the wall of the tunnel at least twice. It has also been determined that the bus was going the speed limit when the crash occurred, but no information regarding the speed of the other two vehicles has been released.

The driver of the SUV was pronounced dead at the scene. Two of the occupants of the sedan had to be taken to the hospital, and one of them was seriously injured. All of the other people who sustained injuries in this accident ranged from moderate to minor.

It may never be known what caused the woman driving the SUV to cross over into the path of the tour bus. It is unfortunate that in addition to losing their loved one, the woman's family may end up in civil court defending her estate from personal injury claims that may be filed by those that were injured in this accident. When people are injured in car accidents due to the negligence of another, our state laws provide for those injured to recover the financial losses they sustained.

Source: kktv.com, "Tunnel Re-Opened after Deadly Accident," Aug. 4, 2013

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