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Colorado truck accidents: animal may have prompted deadly wreck

Most people will do what they can to avoid hitting an animal with their vehicle. However, there are times when it is even more dangerous to try to avoid hitting the animal than it would be to hit it. Unfortunately, when it comes to split second decisions, drivers may not have the time to take everything into consideration and simply act on instinct. When it comes to animal vs. truck accidents, avoiding a collision with an animal can have deadly consequences for everyone on the road.

Fort Collins woman killed in car crash, 2 injured

The crash is still under investigation by the Colorado State Patrol, but it has been confirmed that a Fort Collins woman has died on Terry Lake Road. Her death is Larimer County's 14th fatality on the roads this year. The Sept. 10 crash also sent her passenger and the driver of the other vehicle involved in the car crash to the hospital.

Colorado defective household products: Target recalls lamp

Colorado shoppers may need to be aware of a recall of a product sold exclusively at Target. The product is the Threshold Floor Lamp. As is the case with other defective household products, consumers are being asked to stop using the product immediately and unplug it.

Colorado tow truck driver dies cleaning up car accident

After the initial chaos is over and the ambulances have taken away the injured, it is up to the police and tow truck drivers to clean up the mass of cars, their parts and other debris left behind. This can sometimes be the most dangerous part of any car accident. As a matter of fact, a tow truck driver was recently killed and a Colorado State Patrol trooper was injured while cleaning up an accident on U.S. Highway 85 going through Weld County.

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