Colorado tow truck driver dies cleaning up car accident

After the initial chaos is over and the ambulances have taken away the injured, it is up to the police and tow truck drivers to clean up the mass of cars, their parts and other debris left behind. This can sometimes be the most dangerous part of any car accident. As a matter of fact, a tow truck driver was recently killed and a Colorado State Patrol trooper was injured while cleaning up an accident on U.S. Highway 85 going through Weld County.

The Colorado State Patrol reports that the tow truck driver was in the left lane of the south side of the road cleaning up some debris from the previous accident. Meanwhile, the trooper had parked his cruiser to the rear of the tow truck in the same lane and had the merge arrows flashing. Regrettably, a pickup truck didn't even attempt to stop before slamming into the back of the trooper's cruiser. The cruiser was thrown off of the road, and the pickup truck continued forward and plowed over the tow truck driver.

A driver passing by stopped and pulled the tow truck driver out from under the pickup truck. Sadly, the good Samaritan's efforts went unrewarded. The two truck driver died shortly thereafter.

The trooper was injured and had to be taken to an area hospital by helicopter. The trooper's injuries were described only as not being life threatening. His current condition is unknown. It was also not reported whether the pickup truck driver was injured as well.

The pickup truck driver may end up facing charges in connection with this horrible car accident. Even though the tow truck driver's family may receive death/survivor benefits through his employer, they may also file a wrongful death claim against the driver of the pickup truck. Likewise, the trooper may also receive workers' compensation benefits, but may also file a personal injury claim against the driver as well.

Source: thedenverchannel.com, Tow truck driver killed, CSP trooper injured in crash on Highway 85 in Weld County, Lance Hernandez, Aug. 24, 2013

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