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Cuisinart joins the list of defective household products

Colorado consumers rely on companies to manufacture products that are safe and reliable. However, there are times when defective household products slip into the market unnoticed until it is brought to a company's attention. At that point, a recall may be issued to take dangerous products off the market. Recently, Cuisinart joined the list of companies having to recall one of its products because it poses a danger to the public.

Colorado bus vs. car accident sends 6 to the hospital

A Colorado school bus was transporting four students recently when it became involved in a collision with a vehicle at an intersection. Three people suffered serious injuries, and three suffered minor injuries in the bus.vs. car accident. Police are still conducting a formal investigation into the cause of the crash.

Police are looking for vehicle in Colorado bike accident

Fort Collins police are searching for a sedan that is white in color and has door handles that are black. The woman driving the vehicle in question was described by witnesses as being 25 to 30 years old, Caucasian, between five-foot-four and five-foot-seven weighing from 175 to 200 pounds with long, straight dark hair. At the time of the hit-and-run car vs. bike accident, she was wearing blue jeans, a white cardigan with a shirt underneath it that is orange and pink.

Potential new medication for patients with spinal cord injuries

Medical researchers are always looking to develop new medications to alleviate pain for patients with chronic pain. Recently, researchers made a discovery that could lead to a new drug that could help patients with spinal cord injuries deal with chronic pain. Patients in Colorado may benefit from this new pain medication when it becomes available.

Colorado Teen Driving Alliance looks to reduce fatal injuries

The Colorado Teen Driving Alliance wants to help parents teach their teens how to be responsible drivers. Parents can now take online will give parents the knowledge they need to help their teens comply with current state law. It is hoped that this will help reduce injuries and deaths among teen drivers.

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