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Defective household products: Yankee Candle issues recall

The potential dangers of holiday trees are well documented and publicized nationwide and in Colorado. Holiday trees have long made the list of defective household products that can injure and even kill their users. However, keeping the focus on trees may trivialize the dangers of other holiday decorations that could also pose a danger to the public.

Colorado woman killed in head-on car crash

Every driver expects and hopes that the other drivers on the road stay focused. Nevertheless, for a variety of reasons, many drivers become distracted while operating a motor vehicle. When drivers fail to pay attention, accidents happen. A distracted driver may have caused a recent car crash in Colorado that is still under investigation.

2 people are injured in car accident in Colorado intersection

There is always a possibility of a crash when driving on the road. A variety of factors could potentially cause a collision, including a high rate of speed or even alcohol. One common situation which increases the likelihood of an accident is when motorists are attempting to make a turn into another lane. This seems to have been the case when a woman was recently injured in a two-car accident in Colorado.

New treatment could provide relief from spinal cord injuries

Being injured in an accident can be devastating enough. When a person is left with a permanent disability, life will never be the same. Colorado residents that suffer from spinal cord injuries often find everyday tasks difficult. Walking is often either out of the question or a constant challenge that is both physically and mentally exhausting.

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