New treatment could provide relief from spinal cord injuries

Being injured in an accident can be devastating enough. When a person is left with a permanent disability, life will never be the same. Colorado residents that suffer from spinal cord injuries often find everyday tasks difficult. Walking is often either out of the question or a constant challenge that is both physically and mentally exhausting.

According to research, nearly two-thirds of all spinal cord injuries are incomplete. This means that there are still some nerve connections in the spine. Many people with incomplete spinal cord injuries can walk, even if it is not like they used to before the injury.

A new study offers some promise for the use of oxygen treatments for patients who have what is categorized as an incomplete spinal cord injury. The treatment worked with animals, and a recent study tried it with humans. Patients that could walk at least a step on their own were given low levels of oxygen over a two-week period. A control group was not given the oxygen treatment. There was improvement in patients on the treatment.

There are still too many questions surrounding this new treatment for spinal cord injuries for it to be widely used. Colorado patients would likely want to know how much the proposed treatment may cost. Understandably, living with a spinal cord injury can be financially challenging. When these types of injuries were suffered in an accident, a personal injury lawsuit filed against the party or parties deemed negligent in causing the accident may be appropriate. A successfully navigated legal claim could result in a court order for financial restitution that could be used to pay for new and improved treatments.

Source: US News & World Report, Oxygen Treatment May Help Some With Spinal Cord Injuries: Study, Serena Gordon, Nov. 27, 2013

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