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Sheriff's deputy in Colorado suffers fatal injuries in crash

A Colorado Sheriff's department is in mourning after losing one of its own in a senseless tragedy on Jan. 26. The department has brought in professionals to assist responding deputies to process the events and deal with their emotions. The motorcycle deputy suffered fatal injuries in a collision.

Woman's fatal injuries lead to arrest of Fort Collins man

What began as an early morning noise complaint to police on Nov. 18 of last year ended in tragedy. Fort Collins police attempted to pull over a man and a woman on an ATV that appeared to be the source of the noise complaint. Moments later, the ATV crashed, and the passenger suffered fatal injuries.

2 car crash causes fatal injuries to pedestrian in Colorado

When a pedestrian steps out into a street, the risk of being hit by a vehicle obviously increases. However, not every person involved in an accident was part of the initial impact. Rarely do two vehicles collide and come to rest in the same space. Some people suffer injuries without even having been involved in the original accident itself, due to flying vehicle parts or a vehicle that is still moving after impact.

Wal-Mart recalls defective household products

Colorado residents who shop at Wal-Mart may already know the store is recalling a table and chair set after it received reports of injuries. The product is a five-piece set, consisted of one card table and four chairs made by Mainstay. As with other apparent defective household products, Wal-Mart is urging consumers to stop using the recalled product immediately. Wal-Mart will issue a full refund to consumers when the product is returned.

Alcohol may be factor in single car crash outside Fort Collins

Getting behind the wheel of a car after consuming alcohol significantly increases the risk of a serious or deadly accident. The Colorado State Patrol believes alcohol may have played a factor in a recent accident on the south side of Horsetooth Reservoir near Fort Collins. The single-car crash took the life of one person and injured the other three occupants of the vehicle.

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