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17-year-old teen killed in Colorado car crash

It may be safe to say that the dangers of driving under the influence are well known to most Colorado residents, even if they don't drive themselves. The potential for causing a fatal car crash increases exponentially when an inebriated driver is also speeding. Recently, a young man lost his life after an alleged DUI fueled accident.

GM defective auto products and parts caused as many as 303 deaths

In the midst of the GM recall debacle, a large disparity exists in the number of deaths attributed to the faulty ignition switch. Federal data indicates as many as 303 people have died as a result of defective auto products and parts manufactured by GM. GM believes that number is too high and says only 12 deaths related to the switches have occurred.

Numerous injuries, 1 death in 104 car pileup in Colorado

Winter weather has wreaked havoc all over the country since the beginning of the year. Even with forewarning from meteorologists, hazardous conditions can develop too rapidly for drivers to get off the roads. This may have contributed, at least in part, to the numerous injuries and one death that occurred as the result of a massive accident on Colorado's Interstate 25.

2 vehicle occupants suffer fatal injuries in Colorado crash

Colorado State Police officers responded to a call of a single vehicle accident on Interstate 70 Business Loop at 30 Road. When they arrived, it was discovered that both of the vehicle's occupants suffered fatal injuries in the crash. No other vehicles were involved.

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