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Defective auto products and parts prompt more recalls

It is no secret to the majority of Colorado residents that the auto industry seems to be plagued by recalls as of late. Now, another recall for defective auto products and parts has been initiated for a seemingly ongoing problem with airbags made by a company named Takata. Nissan, Honda and Mazda are the latest automakers to have issues with this company's products.

This latest recall affects nearly 2 million vehicles nationwide, which could include several here in Colorado. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that in addition to the three automakers listed above, Toyota, Ford, Chrysler and BMW will be recalling their respective vehicles in areas where the humidity is high due to this airbag issue. Five of the seven companies conducted a similar recall last year during April and May.

However, Takata informed them that the last recall might not have included all of the affected vehicles. The problem is with the inflators in the airbags. They could explode on deployment sending metal shrapnel flying at the vehicle's occupants potentially causing serious injuries or even death. From 2008 to present, nearly 10 million vehicles were recalled due to this issue.

The possibility of a person dying due to these defective auto products and parts is not out of the realm of possibility. In 2009, two people were killed as a result of the problem with the inflators. Airbags are supposed to keep a vehicle's occupants safe, not cause serious harm. If a Colorado resident has suffered serious injury -- or if a family member died -- as the result of a defective airbag, the injured party -- or family of a decedent -- retains the right to file civil action against the party or parties deemed responsible.

Source: USA Today, "More recalls by seven makers for Takata airbags", Fred Meier, June 23, 2014

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