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4 injuries that remain hidden after an auto accident

There are numerous injuries that come with car accidents, most readily apparent. From whiplash to the mental anguish from such a traumatic event, there are a number of injuries that take weeks to develop

Anyone involved in a major collision needs to see a doctor immediately. If you do not see a doctor and then develop health problems several weeks or months later, it will become harder to get an insurance provider to cover the costs. The reason is that waiting makes it harder to prove these new symptoms relate to the previous auto accident

1. Chest trauma

You need to receive a diagnosis from a doctor if you have problems breathing following a car accident. It may not seem like much, but striking the dashboard or an airbag can significantly damage your chest and ribs. The doctor can perform an X-ray to see if there are any broken ribs. 

2. Traumatic brain injuries

Many people experience a concussion during an auto accident. The head whips forward and then immediately backward, which can damage normal brain functionality. The most harmful aspect of this is that the symptoms of brain damage often do not manifest until much later. Some of the symptoms include cognitive inhibitions and constant fatigue.

3. Knee injuries

Many drivers have to contend with a shattered patella after a car crash. This is due to striking the dashboard with the knees. The collision shatters the knee cap, but even if the patella is fine, this type of injury can result in damaged cartilage. 

4. Psychological trauma

Occasionally, the damage that occurs from a car accident is not physical. It is emotional. Some people develop phobias of cars after an accident and cannot get in one after the collision even as a passenger. A doctor can recommend you to see a psychiatrist to see if there is any underlying psychological damage that occurred as a result of the collision. 

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