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Alcohol believed to be a factor in Colorado 96 auto accident

Police are attempting to determine what led a woman to drive the wrong way down Colorado 96. At this point, they believe that alcohol was a factor in the crash, but further investigation will be needed to confirm that assumption. While authorities continue to look into the cause of the auto accident, two people are recovering from their injuries, and a third has already been released from the hospital.

Police suspect alcohol in Colorado car crash: 2 injuries, 1 death

Drinking and driving receives a great deal of attention from law enforcement agencies and advocacy groups, here in Colorado and nationwide. One of their missions is to do what they can to keep people from getting behind the wheel of their vehicles after drinking. A car crash in which one of the drivers was apparently impaired might have been avoidable.

Speed and alcohol may be factors in Colorado car crash

The Colorado State Patrol recently responded to a call regarding an accident in the westbound lanes of Interstate 70. The section of the interstate where the car crash took place was shut down while troopers conducted their preliminary investigation into the single-car accident. During that time, emergency personnel transported one passenger and the driver to an area hospital.

Cause of deadly car crash on Colorado Hwy 119 not known

Investigators spent several hours gathering evidence and attempting to determine the cause of an accident on Colorado Highway 119 recently. By the time they were done and the scene was cleared, it had been more than four-and-a-half hours. At the time, police did not report whether they determined what caused the car crash.

Early morning Colorado car crash kills 2 and injures 1

Sometimes, it is easy to determine the mechanics of an accident, but not the factors that led to it. This is the case in a recent car crash in Colorado that took the life of two people and injured another. Police spent nearly four hours conducting their on scene investigation and cleaning up the accident.

Single car crash kills passenger, sends driver to the hospital

Most Colorado drivers have exceeded the posted speed limit at one time or another. However, when a driver goes well beyond that speed limit and drives far too fast for the roadway and any prevailing conditions, the possibility of a loss of control increases. At that point, a serious or deadly car crash can occur.

Motorcycle rider unable to avoid collision suffers fatal injuries

A motorcycle rider heading northbound on Colorado Highway 2 was unable to avoid colliding with a car that veered into his lane. He ended up suffering fatal injuries to which he succumbed at an area hospital. The four teenage occupants in the car suffered injuries that varied from minor to critical.

Distracted driving causes serious injuries and death in Colorado

This month is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the Colorado Department of Transportation is running a campaign to make drivers aware of the dangers of driving while distracted. Being distracted behind the wheel can result in serious or fatal injuries not only to the driver but also to passengers and anyone else on the road. CDOT likens it to wearing a blindfold for roughly five seconds, during which time just about anything can happen.

School trip to Colorado ends in single car accident

What began as an exciting trip to Colorado for the weekend turned into a tragedy. Five students and two adults were headed to the Denver March Powwow on March 24 when the car accident occurred. At first glance, it could have appeared that icy roads were to blame for the accident, but troopers do not believe road conditions were at fault for the crash.

17-year-old teen killed in Colorado car crash

It may be safe to say that the dangers of driving under the influence are well known to most Colorado residents, even if they don't drive themselves. The potential for causing a fatal car crash increases exponentially when an inebriated driver is also speeding. Recently, a young man lost his life after an alleged DUI fueled accident.

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