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Gree recalls defective household products sold nationwide

Colorado residents may be familiar with 20 to 70 pint capacity dehumidifiers manufactured by a company called Gree. They are sold under numerous brand names, including Kenmore, Frigidaire and others. Gree recently issued a recall of a variety of its dehumidifiers. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a complete list of the date codes, brands and models of the defective household products that are affected by the recall.

GM defective auto products and parts caused as many as 303 deaths

In the midst of the GM recall debacle, a large disparity exists in the number of deaths attributed to the faulty ignition switch. Federal data indicates as many as 303 people have died as a result of defective auto products and parts manufactured by GM. GM believes that number is too high and says only 12 deaths related to the switches have occurred.

Wal-Mart recalls defective household products

Colorado residents who shop at Wal-Mart may already know the store is recalling a table and chair set after it received reports of injuries. The product is a five-piece set, consisted of one card table and four chairs made by Mainstay. As with other apparent defective household products, Wal-Mart is urging consumers to stop using the recalled product immediately. Wal-Mart will issue a full refund to consumers when the product is returned.

Defective household products: Yankee Candle issues recall

The potential dangers of holiday trees are well documented and publicized nationwide and in Colorado. Holiday trees have long made the list of defective household products that can injure and even kill their users. However, keeping the focus on trees may trivialize the dangers of other holiday decorations that could also pose a danger to the public.

Cuisinart joins the list of defective household products

Colorado consumers rely on companies to manufacture products that are safe and reliable. However, there are times when defective household products slip into the market unnoticed until it is brought to a company's attention. At that point, a recall may be issued to take dangerous products off the market. Recently, Cuisinart joined the list of companies having to recall one of its products because it poses a danger to the public.

Defective auto products and parts on Mazda and Nissan cars

Many drivers in Colorado own vehicles made by Mazda or Nissan. Those Mazda and Nissan owners that have a Mazda6, Nissan M35 or M45 may need to know that there are defective auto products and parts on the vehicles that are being recalled. Between the two auto makers, nearly 260,000 vehicles are subject to the recall.

Colorado defective household products: Target recalls lamp

Colorado shoppers may need to be aware of a recall of a product sold exclusively at Target. The product is the Threshold Floor Lamp. As is the case with other defective household products, consumers are being asked to stop using the product immediately and unplug it.

Whole Foods recalls dangerous product due to listeria outbreak

Colorado customers of Whole Foods need to be aware of a recent recall involving a product sold in those stores. A cheese called Crave Brothers Les Freres has been determined to be a dangerous product. There are people who have become ill after consuming the product, and one person has even died after consuming the cheese.

Frozen fruit may be a dangerous product for Colorado residents

Costco and Harris Teeter have had to issue a recall of one of its frozen fruit products due to health concerns. The berry-blend has been flagged as a dangerous product due to one of its ingredients. Colorado residents that may have purchased the product at either store may need to know the following information.

Teavana recalls tea tumblers for being a defective product

Federal regulations require any company selling products in the United States to report any report that a product is dangerous or defective to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. As the company receives complaints regarding a particular potentially defective product, it will make the determination of whether a product recall is should occur. After some 300 complaints, it was determined that a recall of the tea tumblers distributed by Teavana was appropriate.

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