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New procedure for spinal cord injuries may let injured walk again

Thousands of people around the country and here in Colorado are involved in accidents every year. Many of these people suffer spinal cord injuries that leave them paralyzed and unable to walk. One new therapy could restore a patient's ability to walk, even if he or she was paralyzed more than two years ago.

Car crashes no longer top cause of spinal cord injuries

The number of older people in the county, including Colorado, is on the rise. As such, spinal cord injuries suffered due to falls has surpassed car crashes. The percentage of these injuries suffered by individuals in auto accidents was 35.5 percent from 2007 to 2009. During that same period, 41.5 percent of all spinal cord injuries were due to falls.

New treatment could provide relief from spinal cord injuries

Being injured in an accident can be devastating enough. When a person is left with a permanent disability, life will never be the same. Colorado residents that suffer from spinal cord injuries often find everyday tasks difficult. Walking is often either out of the question or a constant challenge that is both physically and mentally exhausting.

Potential new medication for patients with spinal cord injuries

Medical researchers are always looking to develop new medications to alleviate pain for patients with chronic pain. Recently, researchers made a discovery that could lead to a new drug that could help patients with spinal cord injuries deal with chronic pain. Patients in Colorado may benefit from this new pain medication when it becomes available.

Project Walk may help those in Colorado with spinal cord injuries

There may or may not be many people in Colorado who have heard of Project Walk. For those who have suffered spinal cord injuries, it could be a place to go to strengthen what muscles are working. That's what one patient who was an athlete before her injury is doing now.

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