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Colorado truck accidents: animal may have prompted deadly wreck

Most people will do what they can to avoid hitting an animal with their vehicle. However, there are times when it is even more dangerous to try to avoid hitting the animal than it would be to hit it. Unfortunately, when it comes to split second decisions, drivers may not have the time to take everything into consideration and simply act on instinct. When it comes to animal vs. truck accidents, avoiding a collision with an animal can have deadly consequences for everyone on the road.

Colorado truck accidents: 2 dead in crash in Falcon

Every driver on the road owes a duty of care not only to their passengers, but also to everyone else on the road. Many truck accidents are caused by drivers that are inattentive and not obeying the traffic laws. A recent accident in the Falcon area involving a pickup truck and a tow truck illustrates this point.

Colorado crash shows severity of tanker truck accidents

Five people were injured in a recent accident on U.S. 6 in Clear Creek Canyon. According to the Colorado State Patrol, the exact cause of the accident is not yet known. This crash demonstrates how truck accidents involving tanker trucks, like this one, can cause serious delays, injuries and cleanup for authorities.

Icy roadways in Colorado contribute to truck accidents

A recent accident on Highway 385 may serve as a reminder of why it may be a good idea to stay off Colorado's roadways when weather conditions are poor. During dangerous weather conditions, truck accidents may become more frequent. Authorities believe that poor visibility due to blowing snow and high wind was a factor in a tragic accident that claimed the life of two people recently.

Head-on car accident results in fatalities on Colorado highway

It is always an unfortunate incident when a car crash occurs. However, it is especially dangerous when a head-on collision happens. These types of crashes have a higher chance of injury and death than other, less severe car accidents. A recent Colorado accident in which a car collided head-on with a semi-truck on Highway 40 demonstrates the dangers of encountering another vehicle in this type of collision.

Teen driver charged for role in fatal truck accident in Colorado

Unexpected things happen every day on roadways throughout the United States, and motorists have to respond with the appropriate degree of caution. But sometimes drivers fail to yield or slow down when they should, and that negligence can have catastrophic consequences. That appears to be the case in a recent truck accident in Colorado in which a Volvo truck pulling a load of horses fatally struck two pedestrians tending to a flat tire on the side of the freeway.

Fort Collins accident results in man suffering serious injuries

One person was seriously hurt in an accident that occurred in Fort Collins on the evening of Monday, June 25. The accident involved a motorcycle and a delivery truck. Reportedly, at around 7:12 p.m., the delivery truck attempted a turn in front of the motorcycle at Shields Street's intersection with Truxtun Drive. Truck accidents can be especially harmful when a motorcycle is involved.

Truck falls from overpass and explodes, 2 injured, 1 dead

One Colorado couple feels lucky to be alive after a trailer from a semi truck fell from an overpass and landed on their car. Witnesses were amazed when the couple came clamoring out of the rubble, largely unscathed. The brief relief likely dissipated when the rest of the truck fell and exploded, killing the truck driver.

Colorado semi accident spills 100 gallons of diesel, injures 2

One Colorado man was transported to the hospital this week due to the actions of a negligent semi-truck driver that collided with the victim's pick-up truck. Reportedly, the crash, which occurred just east of Loveland, Colorado, occurred when the semi driver neglected to stop for a stop sign.

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