Case Studies

  1. Case in Point- A life-changing motorcycle accident
    Our client, who is an active father, a dedicated worker in his community, and a motorcycle enthusiast, suffered catastrophic injuries after a bus driving ahead of him had engine failure and covered the road in oil. He was riding his motorcycle when he rounded the highway and encountered the oil, slid off the road, and was hurdled down a forty-foot embankment. Treatment of these severe injuries was not only painful, but costly as our client had numerous doctor visits and ongoing rehabilitation, was unable to work, and still has severe impairments on his quality of life and daily activities. VanMeveren Law Group P.C. was able obtain a substantial settlement on his behalf.
  2. Case in Point- high speed rear-end collision
    Our client was a dedicated employee with no history of injuries and illness. When a distracted driver drove into her work vehicle at approximately 50 mph, our client was left with severe injuries to her spine, complete disability and need for continued medical care. Her personal coverage did not cover the cost of her medical bills. VanMeveren Law Group P.C. pursued the responsible driver as well as the employer to obtain funds for her medical needs allowing her to pay all her medical bills and begin healing from her devastating crash.
  3. Case in Point- negligent medical attention
    Our client is brought to the hospital when her husband notices her asleep and breathing abnormally. She is hospitalized and diagnosed with a blood clot in her lung. Her assisting nurse is notified that she is classified as a high risk for falls, needs supervision between transfers, and has recently undergone hip replacement surgery. During her hospitalization, the nurse gives her incorrect instructions on how to walk and is not ready to assist her, leading our client to traumatically falling, fracturing her leg and developing a severe infection. The nurse’s failure to follow standard care procedures caused our client to endure pain, illness, and the possibility of losing her leg. Justly, VanMeveren Law Group P.C. filed a lawsuit and was able to obtain a sizeable settlement to cover her sizeable medical expenses.
  4. Case in Point- Duty to protect
    Our client was an active college student: involved in on campus activities, working multiple jobs, and commonly working out and interacting with friends. On her 21st birthday, she and her friends, decided to celebrate at a few local bars. Upon arrival to the last bar, the floor was slippery and partially covered in trash, including broken glass. As a business, this bar has a duty to exercise reasonable care to protect her against dangers that the employees knew of, including glass on a slippery floor. The bar had not exercised its duty to protect, causing our client to step onto a glass cup and fall forcefully to the floor. Her hand landed on a large piece of wet, broken glass, slicing a tendon in her hand, causing significant nerve damage. Due to this incident, our client had to undergo surgery, treatment, and seven months of rehabilitation. During her recovery, she was unable to perform in school, at her three jobs, or live the active lifestyle she had before this incident. To aid with her medical bills, lost wages, scarring and physical limitations, VanMeveren Law Group was able to obtain a large settlement on her behalf.
  5. Case in Point- Drunk driver
    Prior to this unfortunate collision, our client was an active mother and the sole financial provider for her family. One afternoon, our client was driving to run an errand for her child when a drunk driver blew through a stop sign, T-boning her, and flipping her car over causing it to bounce on its roof. The driver fled the scene and proceeded to hit two more vehicles. Our client was left with multiple fractures in her spine. The crash required our client to live in a back brace and undergo hand surgery. She was in constant pain for many months. She was unable to work and as the financial provider for her home, her family’s financial future was in jeopardy. VanMeveren Law Group P.C. held the defendant liable for her injuries, allowing her to receive medical treatment, recovering funds to pay her medical expenses and ensure her family’s wellbeing.
  6. Case in Point- High speed car accident
    In the Fall of 2015, our client regularly exercised and spent time outdoors. When he was driving through an intersection on the highway at 65 mph, another driver did not stop at their stop light and pulled into our client’s lane. Our client attempted to swerve out of the way, but hit the other car, sustaining a fractured sternum and fractured ribs. He had decreased mobility, fatigue, and high levels of pain after the crash, precluding him from work and his previously active lifestyle. Fortunately, VanMeveren Law Group was able to obtain payment from the responsible driver’s insurance company, allowing him to receive treatment and cover all of his medical bills.
  7. Case in Point- Motorcyclist struck by distracted driver
    Our client is an experienced motorcyclist and active husband, who recently retired and dreamed of riding his motorcycle anywhere he wanted. He was severely injured when a distracted driver pulled their car out in front of him. Without any time to react, our client crashed into the car. The impact with the car threw him from his motorcycle and knocked him unconscious. Our client’s quality of life and financial future were at stake. Justly, VanMeveren Law Group P.C. ensured multiple substantial settlements from three insurance policies that aided with his treatment and future medical expenses.
  8. Case in Point- reckless driver
    Our client is an active, cheerful dog owner who enjoys taking his dog for walks in the morning. One morning, our client and his dog attempted to cross the street using a crosswalk. To their surprise, a driver headed their way did not stop and drove into my client and his dog. He was propelled over the hood of the car and thrown several feet away onto his side. His dog narrowly avoided being hit. Our client suffered blunt force trauma causing a fractured elbow, abrasions on his hands and elbow, and chest pain. Justly, the defendant was held responsible to for our client’s medical bills.
  9. Case in Point- Cyclist hit by distracted driver
    Our client, an experienced cyclist, was riding in the bike lane when a distracted driver turned left into his lane, propelling him over his handlebars and causing severe injuries. This crash resulted in severe fractures, difficulty speaking, and numerous health complications for our client. VanMeveren Law Group P.C. ensured the defendant was held responsible for their failure to adhere to traffic laws and the costly medical expenses related to treatment for his severe injuries.
  10. Case in Point- Experienced cyclist struck by car
    A recent college graduate, father, and experienced cyclist was riding his bike across a busy street when an inattentive driver turned left into him. The impact resulted in severe injuries including fractured ribs and a traumatic brain injury. His injuries left him unable to work for months. Fortunately, VanMeveren Law Group, P.C was able to reach a settlement that helped our client pay his medical bills and receive treatment; allowing him to eventually return to work.
  11. Case in Point- Neglectful employees
    A woman who lived at a senior care facility was being driven by a worker via bus. The worker failed to secure our client into her scooter and breached the duty of care. When the worker suddenly slammed on the breaks, our client was violently thrown out of her scooter, smashing both of her legs against the seats in front of her. Our client sustained fractures in her legs due to the driver’s negligence. Rightfully so, VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. ensured the defendant was held liable for injuring our client and recovered a large settlement on her behalf.
  12. Case in Point- Distracted driver strikes car
    Our client’s ability to walk normally and live a healthy life was taken away when a distracted driver swerved off the highway, then quickly tried to swerve back on, crashing into the driver’s side of our client’s car. This collision not only permanently impaired her quality of life but left our client with costly bills to treat her injuries. VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. held the defendant liable for our client’s injuries and recovered a substantial settlement on her behalf.
  13. Case in Point – A cyclist collides with a vehicle making a right turn
    Even the most experienced cyclist can find themselves in jeopardy when faced with an inattentive driver. My client had been riding bicycles in Fort Collins for decades when a driver made a right turn, directly in front of him, into a shopping center. Unable to stop in time, my client flew over the hood, suffering grievous, long-term injuries. Many bicycle accidents are caused by a car turning right into the path of a cyclist. A cyclist is entitled to continue straight through an intersection without yielding to a vehicle turning right. Whether it is caused by the driver simply slowing down to turn and leaving the cyclist nowhere to go or a failure to pay attention, the driver is liable for the accident. We recovered a settlement of $65,000.00 for our client.
  14. Case in Point – Enjoyment of life
    In the Fall of 2015 my client was having the time of his life. He was in his Senior year at CSU and looking forward to the upcoming Lacrosse season, as team captain. In addition to keeping up on his studies he was working part time to help pay for school. All those things were taken away from him when the driver of a large shuttle van struck the moped he was driving, seriously injuring him. Although he did not require surgery he spent vast amounts of time in physical therapy. It is not known whether this athlete will ever gain full use of his arm again due to the inattentiveness of that driver. In addition to his medical expenses and lost wages we obtained compensation for his loss of enjoyment of life, past and future pain and suffering and impact on the quality of his life.
  15. Case in Point – Future medical expenses
    It is not always known what further medical expenses can incur after an auto accident. My client was offered a small settlement after a car crash causing pain in his neck, upper back and right shoulder. He believed he was just shaken up and would feel better soon. What he did not know, is that he had sustained an injury that may cause him to require surgical intervention, chiropractic care and physical therapy in the future. Fortunately, we were able to obtain an additional $20,199 above the insurance offer to protect his future interests.
  16. Case in Point – Injured parties have the right to be “made whole”
    After being severely injured when an SUV turned in front of our client while on his bicycle he found himself in another terrifying position: he was severely injured, fracturing his wrist, collar bone and rib. He also had unpaid bills, even though the driver was found to be at fault. He was at a loss because he would have seen little or no compensation for future medical damages, pain and suffering, economic loss and other damages. We were able to obtain a substantial settlement for his bodily injuries as well as a great recovery for his damaged bicycle.
  17. Case in Point – Document the scene
    Our client was riding his bike in Loveland, CO when he was severely injured while directed to cross a raised concrete sidewalk near a large pit in the public roadway. The concrete had high edges that were not reasonable for someone to safely cross. Whether your injury takes place on public roadway or at someone’s home it is important to document the condition that caused the injury. Cell phone pictures at the time, or closely following, help document the owner, lease holder or public entity’s negligence before they cover up or repair the area. It is important to get witness information and pictures as soon as possible. After a long battle with the city, we were able to obtain a settlement that allowed our client to pay all of his medical bills and get his life back on track.
  18. Case in Point – Dog bite
    Our client was visiting a friend at her apartment when, completely unprovoked, the friend’s dog bit her on her face. The bite caused a partial amputation of her nose, multiple reconstructive surgeries and permanent scarring. VanMeveren Law Group obtained a settlement of $300,000 for her.
  19. Case in Point – Lowball settlement
    Our client was seriously injured and psychologically traumatized when she was hit by car while walking home from dinner. The insurance company offered to give her a small settlement and told her there was no other way for her to collect any other money for her damages. We told her that figure was low and we were able to find additional coverage that increased the final settlement offer by over $50,000.00.
  20. Case in Point – Finding the right attorney
    When you’ve been in a serious personal injury case you need an attorney that specializes in your type of case. For example, our client was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident when a vehicle approaching from the other direction made an illegal passing maneuver. It is always important to interview and choose the right attorney with the confidence, experience and willingness to take all the stops necessary to get the best outcome. Our firm has a lengthy and well-regarded reputation for specializing in motor vehicle cases. VanMeveren Law Group P.C. was able to obtain a settlement of over $500,000.00 on her behalf.
  21. Case in Point – Driver blames cyclist for accident
    Our client slammed into the side of a passenger van while crossing an intersection. The crash impacted her left shoulder, requiring surgery and extensive physical therapy. Our client was fearful to get the medical help she needed because she had no health insurance and the owner of the van was trying to shift the blame to her, saying she hit him! When she came to see me I explained that a driver making a left turn must yield to oncoming traffic and has a duty to watch the roadway. Witnesses to the accident agreed that the driver made the turn directly into her path and she had no alternative but to impact the vehicle. VanMeveren Law Group obtained a settlement of over $200,000.00 for her.
  22. Case in Point – Elderly woman struck by shopping cart
    Although she suffers from an auto immune disorder and is of advanced age, my client took pride in her ability to live independently and to do thing for herself like grocery shopping. One day, as she was walking from her car to the grocers, she was struck forcefully by one of the grocer’s unattended shopping carts. She required surgery and long term rehabilitative care to be able to walk again. Under the Colorado Premises Liability Act, VanMeveren Law Group was able to obtain a $225,000 settlement on her behalf.

  23. Case in Point – Low speed accident leads to major medical damages
    When my client came to see me he had been driving approximately 20mph when a negligent driver pulled out directly in front him. Although, at first, he and his passengers seemed okay, the air bag had deployed on the driver’s side which broke his nose, caused multiple fractures to his face, permanent scarring and disfigurement and partial vision loss. The other party’s insurance company offered him $5,000 to settle the case. VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. was able to obtain a settlement on his behalf of nearly $500,000.00.

  24. Case in Point – Pedestrian downplays injuries after being struck by vehicle
    Our client was out for her normal morning jog when she was struck in a cross walk by a vehicle. She was shaken up and had multiple abrasions but thought she would be okay and refused a ride to the hospital. Fortunately, after some time had passed with little improvement she sought a medical opinion. She did not know she had sustained a left knee medial collateral ligament sprain, a left knee tear of the posterior cruciate ligament, a left tibial plateau fracture, and a left femoral condyle fracture that would take months of physical therapy to heal. Justly, the defendant was held responsible for the medical bills as well as loss of enjoyment of life suffered by our client.

  25. Case in Point – Dog bite
    Our client thought she was out for an enjoyable evening at her friend’s home for dinner. After dinner, while the friends were sitting and talking, she reached down to pet their dog. It lunged, biting her in the face. Under Colorado law, a dog owner is strictly liable for economic damages suffered by another from being bitten by a dog. We fought hard to obtain additional funds for the trauma she endured and the impact on her quality of life. Although we can never remove the permanent physical and mental scarring she underwent, VanMeveren Law Group P.C. was able to obtain a substantial settlement on her behalf of $285,000.00.

  26. Case in Point – Impact of quality of life for airplane training instructor
    At 70 years old our client may have retired from his job at HP, but he led a full and active life, that included being a flight instructor for Beechcraft piston single and twin engine airplanes. His life was radically altered when his car was hit head on by a negligent driver. As with all our clients, VanMeveren Law Group P.C. placed great importance on not only his loss in terms of medical bills but also the loss of enjoyment of life and was able to obtain a settlement on his behalf of $82,000.00.

  27. Case in Point – Premises liability at a grocery store involving a disabled person
    Our client has lived with the challenges of a chronic condition since she was a child. Fiercely independent, she has not let it slow her down but sometimes uses a wheelchair to assist her in tasks like grocery shopping. While heading into a local grocery store, her wheelchair became ensnared on an elevated tile edge causing her to pitch forward and sustain traumatic injuries. Victims with pre-existing medical conditions can present problematic causation issues. Therefore, it is important to choose an attorney with experience in this area, like VanMeveren Law Group P.C. who was able to obtain $90,000.00 on her behalf.

  28. Case in Point – Keeping dogs under control
    When my client retired as the Chief of Police ten years earlier he likely anticipated his worst risk of injury was behind him. He did not anticipate an attack that would knock him to the ground where he would sustain severe injuries. However, that was indeed the case, when a Great Dane chased him down while he was riding his bicycle severely injuring him. Due to the duty to keep a dog under proper restraint and control VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. was able to obtain a settlement on his behalf of $100,000.00.

  29. Case in Point -Land owners owe a duty to exercise reasonable care to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition
    In this case, my client was injured when an unstable and improperly secured section of large chain-link fencing, surrounding a building at CSU, fell over striking her while she was riding her bicycle. Whether visiting an individual at their residence or out in the community, individuals have a reasonable expectation that property will be maintained in a reasonably safe condition. Fortunately, she came to see us and we were able to obtain three times what the insurance company was offering to settle her case for.

  30. Case in Point – Injured motorcyclist
    Our client was severely injured when his motorcycle violently collided with a mini-van at the intersection of South Bannock Street and Alameda in Denver, Colorado. Unfortunately, the driver of the mini-van ran a red-light moments before the collision. Our client was severely injured and VanMeveren Law Group P.C. was able to obtain a settlement on his behalf of $125,000.00.

*All cases are unique. The case results are not necessarily reflective of the outcome we will obtain in your case.