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Distracted driving causes serious injuries and death in Colorado

This month is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and the Colorado Department of Transportation is running a campaign to make drivers aware of the dangers of driving while distracted. Being distracted behind the wheel can result in serious or fatal injuries not only to the driver but also to passengers and anyone else on the road. CDOT likens it to wearing a blindfold for roughly five seconds, during which time just about anything can happen.

29 Colorado State troopers suffer injuries within a year

Police officers put their lives on the line every day in the service of their communities. They know that every time they put on their uniforms, their lives are at risk. The least of their worries should be whether they will suffer injuries when pulling over a vehicle on the side of the highway.

Sheriff's deputy in Colorado suffers fatal injuries in crash

A Colorado Sheriff's department is in mourning after losing one of its own in a senseless tragedy on Jan. 26. The department has brought in professionals to assist responding deputies to process the events and deal with their emotions. The motorcycle deputy suffered fatal injuries in a collision.

Colorado bus vs. car accident sends 6 to the hospital

A Colorado school bus was transporting four students recently when it became involved in a collision with a vehicle at an intersection. Three people suffered serious injuries, and three suffered minor injuries in the bus.vs. car accident. Police are still conducting a formal investigation into the cause of the crash.

Colorado tow truck driver dies cleaning up car accident

After the initial chaos is over and the ambulances have taken away the injured, it is up to the police and tow truck drivers to clean up the mass of cars, their parts and other debris left behind. This can sometimes be the most dangerous part of any car accident. As a matter of fact, a tow truck driver was recently killed and a Colorado State Patrol trooper was injured while cleaning up an accident on U.S. Highway 85 going through Weld County.

Head-on car accident results in fatalities on Colorado highway

It is always an unfortunate incident when a car crash occurs. However, it is especially dangerous when a head-on collision happens. These types of crashes have a higher chance of injury and death than other, less severe car accidents. A recent Colorado accident in which a car collided head-on with a semi-truck on Highway 40 demonstrates the dangers of encountering another vehicle in this type of collision.

11-year-old Fort Collins bicycle accident victim set to recover

There is nothing as freeing as the innocence of childhood where an imagination and a bike can take you out of Colorado and soaring into uncharted territory. One 11-year-old little girl from Fort Collins, Colorado, was out riding her bike this past month when she was quickly shocked back into reality from her leisurely ride when she became the victim of a bicycle accident.

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