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Colorado car accidents: Mother hurt, child killed in rear ender

A Colorado man could get up to two years in jail when he is sentenced on his criminal conviction for careless driving on Feb. 26. He entered a plea of guilty in early February. The criminal action stemmed from a rear end collision in Broomfield last October. The tragedy resulted in yet another of the fatal car accidents that have plagued Colorado and the rest of the country.

Colorado family mourns teen after car crash

Losing a child is the worst thing that any parent can endure. Parents spend so much time preparing children to go out into the world and begin their adult lives and lose many hours of sleep worrying about all of the dangers that they face while not in our care. These fears grow as children enter their teenage years, when more time is spent with peers and away from home. For one family, their worst fears have become reality with the news that their 16-year-old was killed in one of the most recent fatal car accidents in the state.

Construction zones may lead to car accidents in Colorado

Construction zones on the road can not only slow your commute, they can also increase the risk of a car accident due to obstructions on the road and cars having to suddenly come to a stop or a slow their pace. If a driver fails to stop in time, the results can be deadly, especially when multiple vehicles are involved in an accident. This is what happened in a recent crash in Colorado, when a tractor-trailer failed to stop before a line of vehicles stuck in traffic. This led to a six-vehicle crash that left two people dead, further emphasizing the devastation that these types of car accidents can cause.

Head-on car accident results in fatalities on Colorado highway

It is always an unfortunate incident when a car crash occurs. However, it is especially dangerous when a head-on collision happens. These types of crashes have a higher chance of injury and death than other, less severe car accidents. A recent Colorado accident in which a car collided head-on with a semi-truck on Highway 40 demonstrates the dangers of encountering another vehicle in this type of collision.

Car accidents involving pedestrians concern Colorado town

The death of a woman who was struck by a vehicle has caused some concern as to the safety of the roads in an Adams County community. Colorado police continue to investigate the accident that killed an 81-year-old woman, whose identity was not initially released. The woman was struck on the evening of July 17 as she crossed a road in Broomfield. Unfortunately, car accidents such as this one have occurred before, giving rise to an increasing concern for pedestrian safety on the city's streets.

Colorado case opens dialogue regarding seizures in car accidents

Car accidents can occur at any time, causing grievous injuries or even fatalities. In February 2011, a Colorado woman suffered a seizure just as she was entering an intersection, causing her vehicle to become airborne and smash into two cars. Traveling at more than 100 miles per hour, she collided into two cars. The car accident resulted in the deaths of three children and their parents, as well as injuries to several other people involved in the crash.

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