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Colorado car accidents: Teen motorcycle rider injured in crash

As the weather improves, more and more people in Colorado will be bringing out their motorcycles. For many riders, this is good news, but experienced riders also know that this means there is an increased risk of motorcycle vs. car accidents. Recently, a teenager was involved in an accident and is in the hospital in serious condition.

Colorado spinal cord injuries: Soldiers to compete in sports

Spinal cord injuries can be among the most traumatic events that a person can suffer in a car accident, or when serving the country as a soldier. One training program which is a joint effort between the Department of Defense and the U.S. Olympic Committee Paralympic Military & Veterans Program provides wounded soldiers who have suffered from maladies such as traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injuries, lost limbs or conditions like post-traumatic stress disorder the opportunity to compete in competitive sports competitions. The events that the veterans will compete in at the 2013 Warrior Games being held in Colorado Springs are geared specifically toward those with disabilities.

Colorado crash shows severity of tanker truck accidents

Five people were injured in a recent accident on U.S. 6 in Clear Creek Canyon. According to the Colorado State Patrol, the exact cause of the accident is not yet known. This crash demonstrates how truck accidents involving tanker trucks, like this one, can cause serious delays, injuries and cleanup for authorities.

Defective product claim: Woman injured by electric blanket

As winter sets in across Colorado, residents may want to know of an apparently recurring problem with a popular brand of electric blanket that could cause serious personal injury and property damage.

Colorado magnet toy maker still fights defective product claims

A Colorado based company, Zen Magnets, along with 12 other manufacturers of magnetic toys designed for young adults and as adult desk toys, is in the position of having to reevaluate its stand on continuing the products. Twelve of the manufacturers have ceased production in the wake of injuries and defective product claims against them. Zen Magnets, however, appears committed to carrying on the fight. This despite reports that a sizeable number of children and teenagers have suffered injuries that resemble gunshot wounds after accidentally ingesting the products.

Defensive driving skills might be good for all Colorado drivers

Some Colorado residents are required to take a defensive driving course that educates drivers on correct way to negotiate certain circumstances. Often these courses are ordered if someone has been cited for a traffic violation. Considering the potential benefits, there are some who might argue that everyone should take such courses as part of their behind the wheel training.

Speeding cited as possible cause in fatal 2-car crash

In Colorado, when a person is injured by another, the victim has the legal right to seek compensation for damages and suffering. Car accidents are a significant cause of injuries due to negligence. They can happen in an instant and elements like speeding or impairment can increase the damages exponentially.

Colorado car accident: 1 dead in 2-vehicle crash; DUI possible

Alcohol and a potentially dangerous intersection are believed to have been factors in the death of a Colorado woman recently. The 54-year-old woman who died was a passenger in a car driven by a 48-year-old woman. The driver apparently attempted to make a left-hand turn, but was hit on the passenger's side by an oncoming car. Reports indicate that this Colorado Springs intersection has a reputation for car accidents and that local legislators have been working to improve the conditions there.

Colorado car accident: 1 injured, another dead at hospital

Another fatal accident has claimed the life of a Colorado man. The details of the recent two-vehicle fatal wreck are still being gathered at the time this post is written and conditions are being examined by authorities to determine the cause of this crash. Car accidents are too often the result of a negligent driver's actions when vehicle laws are not followed responsibly.

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