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Posts tagged "products liability"

GM defective auto products and parts caused as many as 303 deaths

In the midst of the GM recall debacle, a large disparity exists in the number of deaths attributed to the faulty ignition switch. Federal data indicates as many as 303 people have died as a result of defective auto products and parts manufactured by GM. GM believes that number is too high and says only 12 deaths related to the switches have occurred.

Frozen fruit may be a dangerous product for Colorado residents

Costco and Harris Teeter have had to issue a recall of one of its frozen fruit products due to health concerns. The berry-blend has been flagged as a dangerous product due to one of its ingredients. Colorado residents that may have purchased the product at either store may need to know the following information.

Teavana recalls tea tumblers for being a defective product

Federal regulations require any company selling products in the United States to report any report that a product is dangerous or defective to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. As the company receives complaints regarding a particular potentially defective product, it will make the determination of whether a product recall is should occur. After some 300 complaints, it was determined that a recall of the tea tumblers distributed by Teavana was appropriate.

Subaru has issued another recall due to a defective product

Subaru hasn't had much luck lately with its vehicles. May 15 marked the beginning of a third recall for the car manufacturer within a two month period. Each vehicle recall had to do with a different defective product. There may be several vehicle owners in Colorado that need to know that the latest recall is for the 2013 Subaru Outback sedan and the 2013 Legacy.

Colorado pet owners may have purchased a dangerous product

Pet owners in Colorado that purchased products for their pets that are manufactured by Natura Pet Products may need to know that a recent recall by the company has been expanded to include more products. People may not stop to consider that the pet food they are buying is a dangerous product. However, the current recall by Natura pet products is for possible salmonella contamination.

Colorado product liability: USDA issues recall of Farm Rich foods

Colorado consumers depend on the fact that the food products they buy are safe to eat. In this day and age, there shouldn't be a question as to whether or not a food is contaminated. Unfortunately, mistakes do still happen. For instance, the USDA has issued a recall for frozen foods that are manufactured by Rich Products Corporation and distributed under the name Farm Rich. The company could be facing numerous product liability claims as a result of the contamination of the products that are subject to the recall.

Colorado manufacturer recalls dangerous product lines

Colorado consumers may need to be aware of the food and snacks that they are serving their pet because contamination may cause them illness. According to a recent report, Colorado-based Kasel Associated Industries is recalling several lines of products due to potential salmonella contamination. Kasel is recalling all products that were manufactured between April and Sept. 2012. The list of potentially dangerous product includes BIXBI, Colorado Naturals and Petco. Others on the list include Nature's Deli, Best Bully Stick and Boots & Barkley products.

Colorado take note of dangerous product, precooked meat

Colorado consumers may want to carefully take note of a recent recall of a large quantity of precooked meats. A recent report identifies around 35,000 pounds of meat, including beef, pork and chicken, that has been recalled due to possible Listeria contamination. The potentially dangerous product was shipped throughout the United States, and the manufacturer is urging consumers to take note of the recalled product information.

Has a dangerous product for women found its way into Colorado?

Our Colorado readers may recall the media's attention in recent years regarding the risks associated with pelvic mesh products. More recently, the potentially dangerous product has gained additional attention after a new lawsuit was filed in October. A patient who suffered complications after having a vaginal mesh device implanted filed the latest lawsuit. Her husband has also filed suit against the manufacturer, American Medical Systems.

Defective product claim: Woman injured by electric blanket

As winter sets in across Colorado, residents may want to know of an apparently recurring problem with a popular brand of electric blanket that could cause serious personal injury and property damage.

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