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Car Accidents Archives

Colorado car accidents: Springs police searching for driver

The Colorado Springs Police are looking for a vehicle and its driver involved in a hit-and-run on June 20. Police often rely on the public to help them locate drivers that are involved in hit-and-run car accidents. In this case, the vehicle is believed to have been a Chevrolet Sonic from either 2012 or 2013.

Colorado car accidents: Scooter driver airlifted to hospital

The Colorado State Patrol is investigating an accident involving a car and a scooter that occurred on Colo. 66 near Lyons. As often happens in many car accidents, the scooter as trying to make a left hand turn when the crash happened. Unfortunately, for some reason, the vehicle behind the scooter failed to stop.

Car accidents cause Colorado DOT to review construction zone

A crash that ended with a semi and a car in flames has become the second fatal accident in only six weeks on a certain stretch of Interstate 70 that is under construction. As a result of these fatal car accidents, the Colorado Department of Transportation is taking a second look at the construction zone. The construction zone in question is a five mile stretch of Interstate 70 on Glenwood Canyon's east end.

Colorado car accidents: Teen motorcycle rider injured in crash

As the weather improves, more and more people in Colorado will be bringing out their motorcycles. For many riders, this is good news, but experienced riders also know that this means there is an increased risk of motorcycle vs. car accidents. Recently, a teenager was involved in an accident and is in the hospital in serious condition.

Colorado car accidents: Alcohol and speed suspected in death

Most drivers in Colorado are aware that getting behind the wheel of a car after drinking can be dangerous. Reaction time and the ability to concentrate on the road are diminished when a driver is drunk. As a result, car accidents involving drunk drivers are some of the most preventable accidents on the roads.

Young, unlicensed drivers cause car accidents in Colorado

Although driving laws for teenagers vary by state, there is a general consensus in all areas of the country. The early teenage years are too young to drive because these drivers are likely to be involved in car accidents. This idea has been further supported by a car accident in Colorado. Five teenagers were treated at area hospitals after they were injured in a single-car accident.

Colorado teens' lives changed in car accidents performing stunts

Colorado drivers likely know that accidents can happen very quickly, even when the best safety precautions are taken. Unfortunately, when caution is thrown to the proverbial wind, car accidents can be even more devastating and may lead to criminal and/or civil liability for any party found to be at fault. For one Colorado teenager, the future may hold one or both of those potential liabilities after an evening of stunts caused the death of one passenger and injuries to two others.

Colorado security guard injured, example of unusual car accidents

One Colorado teenager is learning a hard lesson after what was meant to be a joyride turned into an injurious accident and criminal charges. According to reports, two teenage boys were involved in a crash with a Colorado College security guard, who was riding in a golf cart. The collision caused non-life-threatening injuries to the security guard. Car accidents like this one demonstrate how widely varied the causes for accidents really are.

Colorado car accidents: Mother hurt, child killed in rear ender

A Colorado man could get up to two years in jail when he is sentenced on his criminal conviction for careless driving on Feb. 26. He entered a plea of guilty in early February. The criminal action stemmed from a rear end collision in Broomfield last October. The tragedy resulted in yet another of the fatal car accidents that have plagued Colorado and the rest of the country.

Car accidents: Bus driver sentenced in fatal wreck

Colorado readers will likely remember news coverage of a fatal pedestrian accident in which a woman was struck and killed by a school bus. The incident took place last fall, and made headlines across the state as one of the more tragic car accidents to take place in recent years. The man accused of hitting and killing the woman has recently appeared in court to enter a guilty plea to the charges against him.

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