Reflecting on a Historic Ironman World Championship

Like every other aspect of our lives, the world of triathlon was turned upside down when the pandemic hit. I qualified for the Ironman Hawaii World Championship (IM WC) at Ironman Arizona in 2019. Like all the other qualified competitors, I was looking forward to attending the World Championship in October 2020. But due to limited resources and the dangers associated with ... CONTINUE READING

A Brief History of Ironman

The words “Iron Man” may make you think of a Marvel superhero or a Black Sabbath song. But at VanMeveren Law, Ironman is first and foremost a competition that ranks among the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world. The triathlon is a test of physical, mental, and emotional endurance that has now been completed by hundreds of thousands of athletes looking to ... CONTINUE READING

Fort Collins Happenings!

It’s heating up, and there’s no better time to enjoy some fun in the sun. The Fort Collins area certainly has no shortage of opportunities to do exactly that this July. Here are a few upcoming local events that are affordable and fit for the entire family ... CONTINUE READING

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