How to avoid Colorado drunk driving accidents

Drunk driving accidents are all too common in Colorado, but there are things that drivers can do to help avoid being involved in these types of collisions.

According to the Colorado Department of Transportation, more than 150 traffic-related deaths across the state result from drunk driving accidents each year. Many more people suffer serious injuries as a result of such collisions. People can avoid being involved in these types of crashes by refraining from drinking and driving themselves, but there is no way to guarantee that others have done the same. Therefore, it may be helpful for people to know how to spot and avoid drunk drivers on Colorado roads.

Alcohol consumption leads to impaired driving

Alcohol may have a range of effects on the human body once it is consumed. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention points out that alcohol consumption may lead to impairments for drivers including impaired judgment, vision and perception. Additionally, drinking alcohol may cause drivers to have difficulties controlling their speed, steering, braking appropriately and maintaining proper lane position. As a result of these effects, motorists who have consumed alcoholic beverages may be more likely to cause motor vehicle accidents than those who have not had anything to drink.

Signs a driver is intoxicated

Perhaps one of the most important steps that people can take to avoid being involved in drunk driving accidents is to know how to identify a potentially drunk driver. Some of the most common signs that a motorist is intoxicated include the following:

  • Tailgating
  • Zig-zagging, weaving or swerving across lanes of traffic
  • Stopping erratically or without cause
  • Abruptly accelerating or decelerating
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Traveling well under the posted speed limit

By recognizing the signs that drivers are potentially intoxicated, people may be able to take action to avoid them on the road.

Responding to suspected drunk drivers

Identifying potentially drunk drivers may not be enough to prevent alcohol-related collisions. When people spot a driver they think may be under the influence, it is advisable for them to stay a safe distance away from them. They may slow down to let the apparent drunk driver pass them or choose to take an alternative route to get where they are going. Motorists should not attempt to pass potentially drunk drivers or follow them too closely.

When people suspect that another driver is intoxicated, it is recommended that they make a note of the vehicle’s description and license plate. Then, they should call the authorities to report their suspicions so that law enforcement officers can investigate further. This may help the authorities to get the drunk driver off of the road. Under no circumstances should people attempt to stop or confront a motorist they suspect is under the influence on their own.

Working with an attorney

As a result of drunk driving accidents in Colorado, drivers, their passengers or other bystanders may suffer serious injuries. This may lead to lost wages during their recovery and unexpected medical expenses. In some cases, however, the drunk drivers that cause such collisions may be held liable. Therefore, people who have experienced such situations may benefit from seeking legal guidance. An attorney may help them to understand their rights and explain their options for pursuing financial compensation.