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Meet Our Adoptable Pet of the Month


On behalf of VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. on January, 2022.


We have seen the ways in which our community has banded together to greater a stronger region for everyone who lives, works, and recreates within Fort Collins. At VanMeveren Law Group, we’re honored to be part of the local effort to create tighter bonds across all members of our community. One such special partnership is the one we share with the Animal Friends Alliance. Founded two years ago this month, the alliance is a joint effort between Fort Collins Cat Rescue & Spay/Neuter Clinic and Animal House Rescue & Grooming to provide quality shelter care to homeless and in-need animals. Its space is limited to ensure no pet within their facility receives less than the humane, loving treatment they deserve. This mission means there is a huge need to find the right homes for the pets the alliance cares for. So, if you’re looking for a furry friend, you can visit adoptable pets at the alliance’s shelters at 2321 E. Mulberry St., Ste 1 or 2200 N. Taft Hill Rd. (The alliance is also accepting funds to expand one of its shelters. You can donate today or visit them online at SavingAnimalsToday.org to learn more about events that support this cause.) The best part about our partnership with the Animal Friends Alliance? Seeing all these adorable and adoptable pets! This month’s featured pet is no different.

Warning: Mop’s big, sweet eyes will suck you in immediately, but you won’t regret it. This lovable pup is a scruffy Jack Russell terrier mix, weighing in at just 15 pounds. She’s 4 years old and loves to snuggle up next to her family with her favorite squeaky toy. Mop seems to get along with cats, but she really loves playing with dogs around her size! She’s currently receiving a lot of love in a foster home, but she is ready to find her permanent home.

If you would like to learn more about Mop, please call 970-484-8516 or email [email protected]. You can find other adoptable pets at SavingAnimalsToday.org


On behalf of VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. on December, 2021.


After a long journey to Fort Collins from southeastern Kansas, Calla Lily is eagerly awaiting her new home. She loves a good scratch on her head and under her chin, and you’re sure to catch her napping sweetly, snuggled up in her favorite blanket. Calla Lily does need to lose some weight and would benefit from regular brushing! She would also need a slow transition to meet pets, but she has lived (and gotten along with) teenage children.
Calla Lily, the Kansas kitty in need of a fresh start and soft blanket to call home, just might be the furry friend for you! Meet her and other lovable pets at the Animal Friends Alliance. Visit SavingAnimalsToday.org to learn more.


On behalf of VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. on August, 2021.

Domestic ShortHair

Animal Id: CAFA-A-39278
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Sex: Male
Weight: 10.34 lbs
Age: 7Y/2M/3W
Location: Animal Alliance’s Mulberry Shelter
Warrior lives up to his name, living a rough life and being found outside with a broken jaw. Even though he was without a home and in pain, Animal Alliance took him in and gave him the surgery and protection he needed. Warrior is a very friendly guy who loves to snuggle and will tell you so with his purrs. His time on his own has led to a tendency to steal food off your plate, but he is getting used to his steady meals with each passing day. Warrior is a joy to be around and can bring a smile to your face with his little pink tongue hanging out!

If you have any questions or would like more information, call the Animal Alliance’s Mulberry Shelter at (970) 484-8516.


On behalf of VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. on Wednesday February 10, 2021.

Emmett      Emmett

Animal Id: CAFA-A-35819
Breed: Bulldog, American
Sex: Male
Weight: 78.5 lbs
Age: 6Y/9M/0W
Location: Foster Home
Emmett is a sturdy, sweet goofball! He is always happy to see people, but can be loud when he sees other dogs and is selective with his dog buddies. He’s working on his leash manners and is making progress on focusing on the pleasure of just being on a walk. Emmett is currently in foster care, and his foster dad has provided some great feedback:

“Emmett, is a softy at heart. He loves to watch the squirrels and snuggle at any given chance. His size is something that he doesn’t really understand, but his gentle nature makes up for any clumsiness. His core is just a sweet and lovable boy that just wants to be near you. He also loves walks and sniffing everything, his curious nature wants to know who and what has been at every tree in the park. His loyal and loving demeanor is nothing but infectious and if you can get him to smile it will light up your life, I promise.”

Please call 970-224-3647 for more information thank you!


On behalf of VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. on Friday October 23, 2020.

Cat – Domestic Shorthair
Sex : Male
Age : 1Y / 0M / 4W
WEIGHT: 10 lbs
Location: Foster Home
Robert is a lovely young guy who lives for snuggles. When not showering his people with headbutts, he likes to explore, watch the world go by out the window, and sleep in fuzzy blankets – though his favorite spot for nighttime snoozing is at his person’s shoulder with his face pressed against theirs. He considers himself to be a very open-minded young cat and will eat any food put in front of him. He’s also a very curious and talkative guy, and will frequently pause his adventuring to check in and tell you all about it!

Robert does have something called FIV, or Feline Immunodeficiency Virus. However, he wants you to know that FIV+ cats still live long, happy lives! For more information, please contact the Mulberry shelter at 970-484-8516


On behalf of VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. on Monday August 3, 2020.

Cat – Domestic Shorthair
Sex : Male
Age : 1Y / 6M / 1W
Location: Unit 1 Shelter, Adoption Room
Hi! My name is Butterball! I am a talkative, three-legged boy who came from Wyoming. I love to play with toys, especially a laser pointer. I need a three to four days of being in my new home to be comfortable with everything and show you my love bug side. I would prefer a quiet house where I can play and get lots of snuggles. I give good hugs too! If I sound like I’d be a great fit for your family and home, please call the Animal Friends Alliance shelter at 970-484-8516 to set up an appointment to meet me!


On behalf of VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. on Wednesday July 1, 2020.

Dog – Retriever, Labrador/Shepherd
Sex : Female
Age : 2Y / 1M
Weight : 49.30 lbs
Location: Taft Campus, Adoption
Sancha is a newly-made tripod- her left hind leg was irreparably broken when she arrived to Colorado from Texas. She is full of joy and energy and loves to play. She walks well on the leash and enjoys all the attention you can give her. If I sound like I’d be a great fit for your family and home, please call the Animal Friends Alliance shelter at 970-484-8516 to set up an appointment to meet me!


On behalf of VanMeveren Law Group, P.C. on Thursday June 4, 2020.

Cat – Domestic Longhair
Sex : Male
Age : 5Y / 10M / 2W
Weight : 10.34 lbs
Hi, my name is Lenny. I’m a quiet, independent guy. I’m more of a solitary fella than a snuggly lap cat, but I don’t mind some nice head scratches. I am sometimes a little scared and hesitant when meeting new people. However, I have been told I’m very nice, non-aggressive, and have great litter box habits. I’m not always interested in toys, but when I do feel like playing, feather toys are my favorite. I do not like other cats, so I need to be in a home where I am the only cat. If I sound like I’d be a great fit for your family and home, please call the Animal Friends Alliance shelter at 970-484-8516 to set up an appointment to meet me!