The Challenges Of Mountain Driving Can Lead To Accidents

Mountain accidents can occur for a number of reasons, including poor road conditions, inclement weather, inattentive drivers and more. Many accidents are caused by the fact that drivers are speeding, and they do not appreciate the severity of the road conditions.

If you or a loved one has been injured, the lawyers at VanMeveren Law Group, will represent your interests in your claim. Our firm handles a wide range of personal injury matters, including motor vehicle accidents involving mountain driving, passenger injury claims, hit-and-run accidents and more. We are selective in the cases that we handle and offer every client highly personalized attention.

Investigating The Accident

Roads that are hilly and curving leave ample opportunity for a driver to cross over the centerline and cause a serious accident. Mountain road conditions can also be a leading cause of truck accidents. Our Fort Collins attorneys for accidents on mountain roads have successfully represented many clients in accidents throughout Northern Colorado and Wyoming.

Investigating the accident is one of the most critical steps of a mountain accident claim. We will personally visit the scene of the accident to gather evidence, and will work with private investigators and other resources to assist in preparing your claim. We know what evidence needs to be presented and will prepare your claim as if it were going to trial.

Bryan VanMeveren is a former insurance defense attorney who understands the approach that the insurance company will take, and he will make certain that your interests are fully protected. Many satisfied clients have given testimonials about his professionalism and sense of purpose.

Snow And Ice-Related Accidents

Most snow and ice-related accidents are caused by drivers who are driving too fast for the weather conditions. When a truck driver or driver of another type of motor vehicle does not take time to recognize the weather conditions, the likelihood of causing a spinout, rear-end collision or head-on collision becomes much higher. Our experienced Colorado lawyers have represented individuals in countless motor vehicle accident claims involving snow, ice and other hazardous road conditions.

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