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Are you familiar with the top causes of car-truck accidents?

It doesn't matter where you're traveling in the state of Colorado, you can expect to spend a good amount of time sharing the road with commercial trucks.

Even though you do your best to remain safe, it doesn't necessarily mean every other driver is taking the same precautions. For example, truckers are known for breaking the law -- often due to tight scheduling deadlines -- and taking risks on the road.

How can bicycle lanes become truly safe from cars?

Boulder County residents who bike on their commute or just in their free time know the stress that the bike lane causes. The part of the road that is supposed to be only for bicycles tends to just become another lane for cars--even when there are cyclists using it.

Research on the effectiveness of bike lanes shows that the stress you might feel while riding is well deserved. You should know exactly how risky bike lanes are and what the solution may be.

Stay safe with these rush hour driving safety tips

Even with many years of experience, driving in rush hour traffic is always a challenge. In addition to making all the right decisions inside your vehicle, you never know if another driver will make a mistake.

There are a variety of rush hour driving safety tips you can follow to avoid trouble. Here are five of the most important:

  • Review your route: A simple change to your route can go a long way in helping you avoid rush hour traffic. Even if it takes you longer to reach your destination, it may be the better option if you're able to avoid extreme amounts of congestion.
  • Leave more time: One of the biggest mistakes you can make in rush hour traffic is getting ahead of yourself. For example, if you're running late for an early morning business meeting, you're more likely to take risks on the road. And doing so is more likely to result in an accident.
  • Become a defensive driver: Aggressive drivers, such as those who speed and yell at others, are more likely to cause an accident. When you take a defensive approach, it's easier to spot and avoid trouble.
  • Leave more space: When traffic is moving slowly, it's easier to drive closely to the vehicle in front of yours. Doing so can cause an accident, as you don't have as much time to stop in the event of an emergency. Even if you only add another car length, it can be the difference between an accident and avoiding trouble.
  • Stay where you are: It's natural for you to want to move from one lane to the next, searching for the one that is moving fastest. Doing so is dangerous, as each lane change puts you at risk of an accident.

4 safety tips every bicycle commuter can follow

If you commute on your bicycle, such as to and from school or work, you understand the many benefits. From saving time to saving gas to saving the environment, there are many reasons to ditch your car and hop on your bike.

Unfortunately, just the same as with a motor vehicle, it's possible you could be injured in a bicycle accident at some point.

VanMeveren’s new book urges you to document your accident

It sometimes feels as if videos of every joy and mishap on Earth are both available and unavoidable. “Pictures or it didn’t happen,” the internet likes to say. Of course, not everything about everyone really is online, so there are still good reasons to be smart about collecting information you’ll need later.

In his new book, personal injury attorney Bryan VanMeveren explains how (and when) to avoid lawyer fees by settling your own personal injury case. Along the way, the book offers a good example of the real advantage of thinking ahead and clearly about documentation.

When can you sue a ski resort for an injury?

If you're going to be spending time on the ski slopes over the holidays, you hope that you and your family will return home without any broken bones or more severe injuries. What if you don't? Are you responsible for your injuries or are there cases in which you can hold a ski resort or other property liable? The short answer is, "It depends."

Ski resorts have a responsibility to keep their property as safe and hazard-free as reasonably possible. That includes keeping the ski lifts functioning properly. Many ski resort injuries occur before people even make it onto the slopes. A fall from a ski lift making its way up or down a mountain can be serious and even fatal. If someone suffers an injury because the resort failed to keep a lift properly maintained or to repair a malfunction, it could potentially be held liable.

Truckers abusing drugs and alcohol at alarming rates

Colorado’s mountain roads and unpredictable weather patterns can make driving difficult for anyone, but the drivers of heavy commercial trucks have an especially difficult job on their hands. The size and weight of today’s semitrucks make them a danger to passenger vehicles even under the best of circumstances, but when truckers abuse drugs or alcohol before getting behind the wheel, they place everyone on the road at risk.

Unfortunately, the American Addiction Centers report that many of today’s truck drivers are abusing substances while on the job, which can impact numerous areas of driver performance, including alertness, attentiveness and judgment, among others.

Brain injury treatment changing for kids

There are new guidelines in place to help better diagnose children with brain injuries, according to a Nov. 8 report. Previously, doctors would order rest after a child suffered a concussion, but that's changing today. New guidelines change how children will be treated in the future.

The new guidelines were developed by the co-director of the Center for Brain Injury Recovery, which is located at the Kennedy Krieger Institute.

More bicyclists are dying on our roadways than ever

One might expect that with improvements in road safety across the nation and improved bike helmet use bicyclist deaths would have decreased compared to 12 years ago. However, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that the roadways are killing more cyclists in the present than they were in the past.

Bicycle accident statistics from 2006 to 2015

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