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Safety tips for swimming this summer in Colorado

Going for a swim in Fort Collins should be fun, relaxing and an overall entertaining time with family and friends. The scary fact of the matter is that a swimming adventure can quickly turn into tragedy if someone doesn't know how to be safe when in the water. Here are some safety tips for swimming this summer in Colorado.

You should only swim near a lifeguard. This is true at all swimming locations and especially important when going to the beach where the ocean can be very unforgiving. Lifeguards are trained in CPR, rescues, swimming out of a rip current and much more.

Colorado aiming to reduce pedestrian-car accidents

Colorado has been experiencing an increase in pedestrian-car accidents across the state, which has forced groups and leaders to take aim at reducing those incidents. According to authorities, the number of fatal car accidents involving pedestrians has almost doubled in over the past decade across Colorado. Because of the spike, authorities have released campaigns aimed at both drivers and pedestrians in an effort to reduce these horrific accidents.

In Aurora, police officers walked up and down the streets handing out flyers educating the public on distracted driving and distracted walking. Sometimes, the pedestrians can be just as distracted as the worst distracted driver. The goal of the police in Aurora is to get the message out that pedestrians are putting themselves in danger by not obeying all the traffic laws on the books.

Exploring the age when kids can bike alone

One of the best times in life is when a parent gets to spend time teaching their children how to ride a bicycle. You go from teaching them how to peddle on a tricycle to finally taking off the training wheels and teaching them how to balance properly on their own. Once your child learns how to ride, you likely begin to wonder when it's ok to let them ride on their own. Let's explore that topic today.

This can be a very difficult decision to make as a parent. It doesn't matter what age your child is or what type of bike they ride, letting them off on their own can be downright stressful and worrisome. The stories we hear in the news everyday are frightening. But, does that mean you shouldn't let your child grow?

Should you enroll your kids in bike school?

What Colorado child does not want to go whizzing down the street on a bike? Kids and bikes go together like the proverbial peanut butter and jelly. And with Colorado’s Bike to School initiative and events, your kids have even more incentive to learn how to ride a bike.

There is no question that bicycling is an excellent way for your kids to have a great time while getting the exercise they need. Cycling certainly beats their sitting in the house all day playing video games and texting their numerous friends. However, as a responsible parent, your main concern is for your children’s safety while they cycle. All the benefits of fresh air, physical exercise and active fun with their friends pale in comparison to a cycling accident in which they could receive serious injuries

Preparing your children for walking alone: 3 ideas

You love living near your children's school, since it's just a quick walk to the playground and school activities. However, you know that there are risks along the way. There are streets to cross, and your child could quickly fall victim to a pedestrian accident if you're not cautious.

What's good is that you've already assessed the risk of your child getting hurt, so you can start to look into ways to keep him or her safe. Here are a few ways you can keep your child or children safe around the roads near your home.

Bicyclists face risks in summer: Watch out!

While many people focus on the risks that motorcyclists face each summer, bicyclists face challenges, too. Similarly to those on their motorized counterparts, cyclists face trouble from drivers who pull out in front of them and who don't see them coming.

In addition to that, bicyclists make less noise and have an even smaller profile, making it harder for drivers to know they're present. It's, therefore, even more important for drivers to be aware of the potential for cyclists on the roads and for cyclists to prepare for distracted or reckless drivers.

Cyclists: At risk in an increasing number of situations

As a cyclist, one of the things that bothers you most is that drivers don't seem to watch out for you on the roads. Even when you're obviously using the lane, it can be hard to avoid drivers who think they have the right of way and don't need to give you enough space.

If you've ever fallen off your bike or gotten hit, then you're likely one of the people concerned about deaths on bicycles. The truth of the matter is that traffic fatalities have increased, and cyclists are the group hit hardest by the increase. The total number of deaths rose by 12.2 percent in 2015, a shockingly high number.

Biking in the summer? Follow these three safety tips

Now that the weather is warm, it is the perfect opportunity to ride your bike. Nothing is better than cycling in the beautiful Colorado summertime. With the perfect scenery and the wind in your face, it feels like you are unstoppable. 

Unfortunately, riding your bicycle in the summer comes with some unique risks. With the high temperatures and traffic, you may be at risk of dehydration or getting into a car-bike collision. Here are some tips for promoting your well-being while cycling in the hot weather:

What should you know about whiplash?

Whiplash is a sometimes serious injury that can occur in car crashes or in other incidents. It happens when the head whips forward or side to side quickly, tearing, stretching and injuring the tissues in the neck. In particularly severe cases, the brain even has the potential to impact the skull, resulting in whiplash combined with a traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Whiplash is often discussed as if it's minor, but the reality is that it can impact your life and lead to long-term pain. Without the right medical care, you could find yourself dealing with headaches, neck pain and backaches following a crash. Whiplash doesn't always appear immediately following an accident due to the effects of adrenaline, so it's very important to seek medical attention if you've been involved in a crash.

3 insurance tips following an accident in Colorado

If you were recently involved in any kind of motor vehicle accident, you likely have many questions about the insurance procedures that follow. Most people hope to never have to use their vehicle insurance, and when the need arises, it is often difficult to understand how to proceed.

Drivers involved in accidents have many questions regarding how to handle claim issues after a crash. These questions range from determining fault to recovering money for car repairs and, in cases where injury occurred, payments for medical expenses. Here are three tips that can be useful for handling insurance issues after a car accident:

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