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These things may lead to a semitruck crash

People who traverse the roadways in Colorado are likely going to come across semitrucks during their journey. For the most part, nothing will happen when they cross each other; however, it is possible that a crash will occur.

For the victim of a semitruck crash, one of the primary concerns at first is getting medical care and the police report filed. Individuals who are involved in these wrecks should usually have a medical evaluation even if they don't think they have suffered an injury because the injury might be hidden.

Some brain injury symptoms won't appear immediately after a crash

A person who is in a motor vehicle crash can suffer many injuries, one of which is a head injury. This type of trauma is troublesome because symptoms might not appear immediately. It's possible that some brain injuries won't be noticed for days or even weeks after the motor vehicle crash.

Many people assume that you will have a headache shortly after a crash if you have a brain injury; however, some injuries like hematomas might not cause this right away. A slow bleeding hematoma could be symptomless for a while until the blood forms a bump large enough to cause pain.

Stay safe with these tips for sharing the road with cyclists

Cycling is a lot of fun, but it is also potentially dangerous. When you're on the road around other drivers, you need to know that they are going to see you and be able to avoid you.

Cyclists are entitled to use the roadway, just like any other driver. Sadly, they aren't always safe, even when they use bike lanes or are riding safely in the main lane.

Boulder County cyclists: Watch out for the “door prize”

There's a saying in the cycling community, "Watch out for the door prize." But they are not talking about a gag gift or party favor. They're referring to the unfortunate experience of getting "doored" by a driver's opening car door as you cruise by the line of parked cars on your bicycle.

Make no mistake. Getting doored can cause a very serious cycling accident to occur. In fact, far too many riders all over the country have died as a result of getting doored.

2020 is a year to monitor cycling deaths

In 2020, the number of cycling deaths happening in the United States is going to be tracked, according to Outside Online. The goal is to make sure that there is good data on how many accidents are happening as well as why they're taking place.

Biking safely is important, which is why the magazine decided to track all cycling deaths. Looking at statistics, it's possible to start making plans on how to correct problems, like an area where cyclist fatalities are high, to reduce cycling fatalities in the future.

How is liability determined in a rideshare crash?

Rideshare services have made getting around the area much easier for some individuals. While the service is valuable, it has introduced a grey area into the law. This is because the liability in these crashes isn't always immediately evident.

The issue that you might run across if you're involved in a rideshare accident is that the driver is working for the rideshare app. The driver is almost always considered an independent contractor and not an employee of the company. So, which of these entities is held liable if there are financial damages due to a crash? That's the big question if you choose to seek compensation.

Use proper safety for bicycles this spring and summer

Many cyclists get their bicycles out in the spring and early summer weeks when the weather is nice. Before you head for the first ride, you have to make sure that you and your bike are ready for the journey. Even if you've ridden already this year, checking everything before each ride can enhance your safety.

Bicycle safety starts with making sure the bicycle is a good fit for you. You shouldn't feel like you're cramped, but the bicycle shouldn't be so big that it's hard for you to control. It should be in good repair with working brakes and tires that grip the road for stability. Once you check the tire inflation, brakes and other components, you can move along to preparing yourself for the ride.

Do you need to work with a personal injury attorney?

It is important to know when your case will or will not need a personal injury attorney. Knowing when your case requires a skilled legal attorney is essential, because taking a case that does not to an attorney will only cost you more in the long term.

In "Get It Settled Without A Lawyer" you can learn more about the kinds of cases that benefit from having a skilled attorney on your side, like a complex personal injury case.

Why should drivers avoid all distractions on the road?

People who are driving need to ensure they are doing their part to keep the roads safe. One part of this is avoiding distractions so they can focus on traffic and other vehicles. It's imperative that they block out any potential distractions.

While many people think about cellphones when they are discussing distractions, there are many others that you need to consider. In fact, many things that can distract drivers are commonly done without them realizing they are impacting the safety of those around them.

Are certain car colors safer than others?

When you buy a car, what features are you looking for? For many Boulder County residents, safety is a priority.

There have been many advances in recent years in safety technology. Features like back-up cameras, OnStar roadside assistance and lane-keep warnings can all help make you and your family safer on Colorado highways. But there also is a low-tech option that could potentially keep you from getting in a wreck.

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