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Intense sadness may signal depression after a spinal cord injury

A person who's involved in a car wreck may suffer from a spinal cord injury. These injuries are sometimes temporary, but some are permanent and come with long-lasting impacts. Unfortunately, individuals who have a permanent injury will likely have to cope with considerable changes.

The rapid and dramatic changes that come with a spinal cord injury can lead victims to suffer mentally. This is usually temporary, but some people might have difficulties overcoming the intense sadness and negative emotions they're feeling.

What might cause a semitruck crash?

Semitruck crashes can lead to serious injuries for the victims. It's imperative that anyone who suffers an injury in a crash takes the time to have a medical evaluation. This can help them to spot any issues that might need to be addressed.

After they get the medical care they need, the victims may choose to seek compensation for the financial damages they're facing. One part of this has to do with determining whom to hold liable. This involves finding out the cause since that plays a role in whom you name as defendants in the lawsuit. There are many possible causes of truck crashes, some of which don't have anything to do with the trucker.

Is biking to school safe for Colorado kids?

Colorado parents of school-age children may have fond memories of their own school days when they were able to bike daily to school in all but the worst winter weather. But for many reasons, they may have hesitated to give the nod to their own kids to cycle to school.

But now, with the air quality safety of school buses being called into question during these fraught times, one question that bears a closer examination -- can kids bike to school safely?

Could a simple swivel by drivers save cyclists' lives?

There is no doubt that Colorado cyclists face significant risks from distracted and negligent motorists. Most mean no intentional harm, but that is of little comfort to you as you're writhing in pain in the street — or worse.

One of the biggest hazards for cyclists is getting "doored" by an inattentive motorist. In many cases, these incidents are by no means minor. In fact, they can cause significant and disabling injuries which may or may not be permanent. If only there were a way to protect riders from this danger.

Fatal car wrecks claim more lives than World War 1 and 2 together

In the last two decades, more Americans have perished in motor vehicle crashes than those who died in both World Wars combined. While this sounds horrific, it gets even worse when you realize that the majority of these fatalities were caused by preventable causes.

Around 94% of car crashes are the result of human error. While some of those errors are simply accidents or unpreventable, ones like speeding, distracted driving and drunk driving are fully preventable. This should outrage everyone who learn this because the innocent victims didn't have to die.

These things may lead to a semitruck crash

People who traverse the roadways in Colorado are likely going to come across semitrucks during their journey. For the most part, nothing will happen when they cross each other; however, it is possible that a crash will occur.

For the victim of a semitruck crash, one of the primary concerns at first is getting medical care and the police report filed. Individuals who are involved in these wrecks should usually have a medical evaluation even if they don't think they have suffered an injury because the injury might be hidden.

Some brain injury symptoms won't appear immediately after a crash

A person who is in a motor vehicle crash can suffer many injuries, one of which is a head injury. This type of trauma is troublesome because symptoms might not appear immediately. It's possible that some brain injuries won't be noticed for days or even weeks after the motor vehicle crash.

Many people assume that you will have a headache shortly after a crash if you have a brain injury; however, some injuries like hematomas might not cause this right away. A slow bleeding hematoma could be symptomless for a while until the blood forms a bump large enough to cause pain.

Stay safe with these tips for sharing the road with cyclists

Cycling is a lot of fun, but it is also potentially dangerous. When you're on the road around other drivers, you need to know that they are going to see you and be able to avoid you.

Cyclists are entitled to use the roadway, just like any other driver. Sadly, they aren't always safe, even when they use bike lanes or are riding safely in the main lane.

Boulder County cyclists: Watch out for the “door prize”

There's a saying in the cycling community, "Watch out for the door prize." But they are not talking about a gag gift or party favor. They're referring to the unfortunate experience of getting "doored" by a driver's opening car door as you cruise by the line of parked cars on your bicycle.

Make no mistake. Getting doored can cause a very serious cycling accident to occur. In fact, far too many riders all over the country have died as a result of getting doored.

2020 is a year to monitor cycling deaths

In 2020, the number of cycling deaths happening in the United States is going to be tracked, according to Outside Online. The goal is to make sure that there is good data on how many accidents are happening as well as why they're taking place.

Biking safely is important, which is why the magazine decided to track all cycling deaths. Looking at statistics, it's possible to start making plans on how to correct problems, like an area where cyclist fatalities are high, to reduce cycling fatalities in the future.

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