Reasons a business could be responsible for a visitor getting hurt in a fall

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2024 | serious injuries/wrongful death

People generally have a responsibility to be conscious of their surroundings and behave in a safe manner. However, it is also reasonable for people to assume that certain choices are safe. For example, people shouldn’t have to worry about falling and getting hurt while running errands.

It is natural to assume that a business maintains relatively safe and clean facilities if it makes its premises open to the public. If someone falls and gets hurt at a business, it is sometimes possible to pursue a premises liability lawsuit to help someone pay for injury-related expenses.

When the business doesn’t address known hazards

There are certain risks that arise any time a business is open to the public. For example, visitors track in rain, snow or dirt, making the entranceway a risky place. Putting down rugs and ensuring that they are clean is a simple way for a business to protect against slip-and-falls that occur right at the entrance.  The failure to take a reasonable step to address obvious slipping and tripping hazards, like exposed power cords, could lead to liability for the company.

When repair issues are to blame

Maybe there’s carpet throughout the store, and there is a tear in the carpeting. Someone could trip and end up severely injured as a result. Maybe there is a leak in the ceiling. Anytime it rains, a puddle might develop that could lead to people getting hurt. When there are obvious repair needs that have gone unmet at a business, anyone who falls and gets hurt due to those property issues might be able to blame the business for negligent facility maintenance.

When staff could have prevented the fall

Sometimes, unpredictable issues, like a customer dropping a glass jar of soup on the floor, are what lead to someone falling. Businesses obviously can’t prevent that from happening, but they should be able to address such issues in a timely manner.

When a business does not have enough workers on hand to address facility issues, then it may be liable if someone gets hurt while visiting. Pursuing a premises liability lawsuit when negligence contributes to an injury can compensate someone for both medical expenses and lost wages. Customers who understand when a fall is a result of negligence are in a stronger position to take necessary legal action against an irresponsible company accordingly.