Experienced Advocacy For Clients Facing Serious Injuries And Wrongful Death Claims

There are few things in life more traumatic than seeing a loved one suffer a serious, catastrophic injury. Spinal cord and brain injuries may cause physical, cognitive, psychological and social impairments such as paralysis and a lifetime of quadriplegic or paraplegic disability.

Serious injuries can occur in many ways, from auto accidents, which are most common, to farming or construction accidents.

Experienced And Compassionate Attorneys Who Get Results

At VanMeveren Law Group, we represent individuals who have suffered debilitating injury because of the negligent or intentional behavior of another. In Colorado, our brain and spinal cord injury attorneys can secure for victims of catastrophic personal injury financial compensation for their medical and property expenses as well as incidental costs caused by the accident, and victims may be entitled to additional damages to cover future expenses, pain and suffering, or other issues.

When we handle your case, you can rest assured that your case is in the best of hands. We have successfully recovered millions of dollars and provided untold peace of mind to our clients. Every client and every case is important to our personal injury lawyers. We welcome questions and feedback from our clients, and we strive for your complete satisfaction.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Personal Injury And Wrongful Death Cases

Will my case go to trial?

Most cases of injuries caused by others’ negligence are settled prior to trial, or are resolved more quickly and cost-effectively through dispute resolution, like mediation and arbitration. Generally, only the large cases or highly disputed cases end up being tried before a jury or judge. Our extensive experience allows our lawyers particular foresight in determining which process will be the most advantageous for you. Whatever the case, we will discuss all available options with you.

How long will it take to complete my case?

Each case is different. Delay can be caused by a variety of factors:

  • Crowded court dockets
  • Difficulty in obtaining medical documentation
  • Difficulty in obtaining testimony from witnesses

These and other factors play a part in how quickly a case can be resolved. Taking a case to trial, in general, takes a long time. Settlement, mediation or arbitration may significantly speed up the resolution of a case.

Will my case be settled without my approval?

No. Our lawyers discuss valid settlement offers with you in every instance, and no settlement offer will be accepted without your approval.

How do I know if a settlement amount is fair?

Our attorneys will make recommendations to you and try to clearly explain the reasons for the recommendations. Because we have extensive experience in settling cases and are familiar with what juries and judges generally award in similar cases, our recommendations can be trusted.

How much will it cost me to file a lawsuit?

After determining that a case has merit, our lawyers take the case on a contingency fee basis. You pay no legal fee until we have successfully resolved your claim at trial or through settlement.