Victims Of Oil Field Accidents Need Aggressive Injury Representation

Oil fields in Colorado do not offer the safest of work environments. Those who choose to work in jobs that have hazardous or dangerous conditions are typically aware that there are risks for injuries. If an accident has been caused by another person’s or party’s negligence and you have suffered an injury that could have otherwise been avoided, you may be entitled to compensation.

We the lawyers at VanMeveren Law Group, advocate for people who have been injured throughout Northern Colorado. Our firm handles personal injury claims only and focuses on providing the highest quality representation to clients. We take a unique approach to representing our clients and are committed to providing the highest level of quality service.

Bryan VanMeveren is a former insurance defense attorney and knows the strategies that insurance adjusters will use. He knows how they will attempt to delay, diminish or even deny your claim, and he will make certain that the necessary steps are taken to protect your interests.

Oil Field Injury Lawyers

We understand the challenges presented if you are unable to return to work quickly. Our goal is to maximize your coverage so you have the financial stability you need and deserve for your injuries and lost wages. We will stand by your side at all times and represent you if you have suffered any of the following types of injuries:

Working with our law firm, you will know that you will have an experienced attorney on your side. We will take a vigorous approach to investigating the cause of the accident and quickly determining liability. Our Fort Collins oil field injury attorneys have a proven reputation negotiating with insurance companies and have the courtroom experience you need.

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