Put A Former Insurance Defense Attorney On Your Side

About VanMeveren Law Group, P.C.

At Colorado’s VanMeveren Law Group, P.C., we have a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of a personal injury claim. Our firm is exclusively dedicated to handling personal injury matters, and we only represent injured victims. We never advocate for the insurance company. We take a straightforward and honest approach, providing efficient and attentive counsel at all times.

Insurance Companies Know How We Prepare Our Cases

Our philosophy is that every case of serious injury gets prepared as if it were going to trial. Insurance companies know our reputation and that we will do whatever is necessary to help our clients. Skilled preparation, attention to detail and taking an aggressive approach to preparing our cases help us make certain our clients’ rights are protected and they receive just compensation for their injuries.

We take a detailed approach to preparing personal injury cases, which includes:

  • Investigations: We look at all the facts and circumstances surrounding a case.
  • Private investigators: We utilize private investigators to help gather relevant information and evidence. In car accident and other cases, we will personally visit the scene of the accident.
  • Experts: Our team works closely with a wide range of experts to put together the best case for your financial recovery. We often work with economists, vocational specialists and life care planners to identify all damages and maximize your rightful recovery.
  • Working with physicians: We work closely with treating physicians and medical professionals so we can understand the full extent of your injuries. Additionally, we will work closely with medical providers’ billing offices and collection agencies to help avoid financial crises while your lawsuit is in process.

Because of attorney Bryan VanMeveren’s experience serving as insurance defense counsel, he understands how insurance adjusters will view and evaluate injury claims. We will proactively put ourselves in their shoes, looking at the case as they would, so that we can anticipate their strategies, tactics and defenses. Mr. VanMeveren also has experience as an outdoor emergency care technician and ski patrolman. He understands injuries, treatment, medical records and how to effectively communicate with doctors and medical care providers.

Contact Our Experienced Fort Collins Injury Lawyers

At our firm, initial consultations are free. To schedule a meeting with one of our skilled attorneys, please contact us at our toll free number 866-649-6775. You can also call directly to our 123 North College office at 970-372-0149. We offer flexible scheduling for appointments (evenings and weekends available). If your injuries prevent you from meeting with us at our firm, we can come to your home.