A Slip And Fall Can Result In Serious Injuries

Unsafe conditions in public places can result in serious slip-and-fall accidents. Whether you have slipped on an icy sidewalk, a wet floor in a restaurant or spilled food in a grocery store, the effect on your life can be devastating. You may be facing a prolonged stay in the hospital, surgery and rehabilitative care. Some injuries may even permanently impact your mobility.

At VanMeveren Law Group in Fort Collins, we understand the issues you are facing. Attorney Bryan VanMeveren is a former insurance defense attorney who uses his experience to get inside the minds of insurance industry professionals and fight on behalf of the injured. We will use our experience to help you recover all of the compensation you need and deserve.

You Focus On Your Recovery While We Focus On Your Case

An insurance company should provide what you need to recover, but that does not always happen. Sometimes, insurance companies underpay on claims. Premise liability cases can also be very complex. The laws are strict, and it takes certain types of evidence to build a case.

When you are seriously injured, your focus should be on your recovery. Let our attorneys handle the messy business behind a slip-and-fall injury claim. Along with being a former insurance defense lawyer, Mr. VanMeveren also worked as an emergency care technician. He understands how injuries are treated and is familiar with medical terminology. His knowledge of the medical field and insurance industry makes him highly skilled at negotiating with insurance claims representatives.

Our Fort Collins Law Firm Focuses On One Thing: Helping You Heal

We will take your case to trial if needed, or help you reach a settlement outside of court. Our attorneys limit our cases, so we can focus on creating the strongest possible case for each injured individual.

At VanMeveren Law Group, we work on a contingency basis. Our attorneys only receive compensation if we make a recovery for your slip-and-fall claim. Remember, our lawyers focus on one thing — helping you heal and get what you need to get back on your feet.

To set up a free initial consultation, please reach us at 970-792-2103, or you can email our office. We offer consultations by videoconferencing, at your home or in our Fort Collins office.