Common Causes Of Trucking Accidents That Occur In Colorado And Wyoming

Truck drivers have a significant responsibility while on the road. Their job is to drive safely without endangering the lives of other individuals. Because of the frequency and time spent on the road, drivers often become careless, fatigued and inattentive. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured in a semi-truck or tractor-trailer accident, you can turn to the legal team at VanMeveren Law Group

We represent people throughout Northern Colorado and Wyoming in a wide range of personal injury and motor vehicle accidents. The attorneys at our firm take a highly individualized approach to representing clients and are aggressive in the courtroom. We are compassionate, understanding and here to ensure you receive just and fair compensation for your injuries or loss in a wrongful death claim.

Examination Of All Aspects Of The Accident

Truck drivers are often pushed to drive long hours and further than they are supposed to be because of pressure from their employers. It is an unfortunate reality that drivers often exceed restrictions and cause catastrophic accidents.

Truck accidents can be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Truck driver fatigue – Accidents are often caused by drivers who are overworked and fatigued, resulting in head-on collisions or highway accidents that could be fatal.
  • Overloaded trucks – Accidents occur when trucks are not secured properly, overloaded or have not been loaded according to regulation.
  • Driver distractions – Truck drivers can be inattentive or become distracted by other devices in the vehicle, including cellphones.
  • Aggressive driving – Drivers must be attentive to their surroundings and drive at appropriate speeds, particularly in areas of Colorado and Wyoming where snow, ice and slippery conditions may be present.
  • Substance abuse – Drivers are often alone on the road and at greater risk for developing dependencies on alcohol or other drugs, including prescription medication.

There are strict state and federal regulations that state the number of hours and miles a driver can drive, as well as weight restrictions and mandatory checkpoints for weight and loads. At VanMeveren Law Group, we are highly knowledgeable of trucking laws in Colorado and Wyoming, and know the importance of implementing a quick investigation strategy after an accident.

We will use accident reconstruction experts and investigators to assist in providing authoritative testimonials about the cause of the accident. Bryan VanMeveren is also a former insurance defense attorney, and knows the strategies and tactics that the insurance company is likely to use in defense of a trucking accident claim.

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