How to stay safe while biking on city streets

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2017 | Bicycle Safety

More people than ever before are using their bikes to commute to work. An article from USA Today explains the trend, which found the total number of people who bike to work has increased by 60 percent in the last decade. 

While bicycling to work is great for the environment, it does pose risks for the rider. While people driving cars need to learn how to share the road, it is equally as important for bicyclists to take certain precautions, too. That way, everyone can arrive at their destinations safely. 

Think like a car driver

Bicyclists should adhere to the same laws as motorists. That means if they approach a stop sign, the bicyclist should come to a complete stop rather than treating it as a yield sign. Although legislation was recently introduced to make this approach a law, it ultimately died. For the moment, bicyclists should follow the same laws as drivers. It will simply make everything easier if everyone is held to the same standard. 

Signal for all turns

Cars do a lot of good by signaling when they plan on turning. The same holds true for bicyclists. Any time a rider plans on turning right or left, he or she needs to make it clear. If a car knows what the rider intends to do, then the likelihood of an accident decreases greatly. 

Stay on the edge of the bike lane

Many riders assume they are safe when within the bike lane. However, there is the potential a parked car will unexpectedly open a door, putting the rider in harm’s way. For this risk, bike riders should remain on the edge of the bike lane. Additionally, if there is not too much traffic, it may be appropriate for the bicyclists to simply take an entire lane. These tips allow the rider to react more quickly in case something unpredictable occurs.