Why are curved roads dangerous for motorcyclists?

On Behalf of | Oct 18, 2017 | motor vehicle accidents

You love the wind in your hair when you ride your motorcycle, but you know that the hazards of having that feeling of freedom could result in life-threatening crashes and injuries. There are many circumstances where having the knowledge to crash in a safer manner can help. For instance, if you lose control, knowing how to fall or slide could help save your life.

One of the major hazards you face on the roads is gravel. When you travel quickly, that gravel could cause you to lose traction and control. This is particularly dangerous on hills and winding roads, where you may not have much room to navigate.

It’s not just motorcyclists who have to watch out for this. Drivers behind the wheels of cars or trucks could slide, too. How can you and others on the roads prevent accidents from gravel? It’s simple: Slow down and stay alert.

When you approach a curve in the road, slow down. If you do start to slide or lose control, don’t press on your brakes. Braking harshly could make the slide worse. Instead, take your foot (or hand) off the acceleration and allow the motorcycle or vehicle to correct itself.

If you must, try to turn into the direction of the slide. This can help the vehicle right itself. If that doesn’t work or you realize you’ll fall off, try to lay down your motorcycle. It prevents you from falling onto your hands or from hitting your head, since it’s a controlled type of fall.

If you’re in a crash because another driver slides on gravel, you’re within your rights to seek a claim. Your safety is important, and others should take it seriously.

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